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    Content Strategy for 2019

    Content Strategy

    Digital marketing needs to keep evolving each year, and 2019 is no different. One of the most important aspects to plan, if you’re running a healthcare practice, is health content marketing. Content is still king in any SEO strategy and 2019 brings with it new challenges. That’s because arriving right at the top of the … Continue reading Content Strategy for 2019

    Google Algorithmic Changes that Rocked January


    Something that digital marketing always need to watch out for is Google’s process of launching updates, some of them core updates and others that are minor and often unannounced. With the start of the New Year, Google again got to work with its algorithm updates. The Early January Update On January 5th and 6th there … Continue reading Google Algorithmic Changes that Rocked January

    Social Media Marketing – Challenges and Tips to Consider

    Social Media Marketing

    With every passing year and increasing number of internet and social media users, social media is playing a larger role in digital marketing. Social media marketing uses social media platforms to build your brand, improve brand visibility and attract more consumers through building relationships and communicating with potential customers. With more and more people joining … Continue reading Social Media Marketing – Challenges and Tips to Consider

    Why Long-tail Keywords Are Important

    Long-tail Keywords

    Search engine marketing might be evolving significantly, but keywords are still important for content marketing. Every search engine optimization (SEO) strategy starts with keyword research – analyzing what keywords relevant to your business are, how competitors have ranked for these keywords, what keyword variations you can incorporate to gain an edge over the competition, focusing … Continue reading Why Long-tail Keywords Are Important