6 Digital Marketing Tips for Holiday Marketing During COVID-19

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Most businesses know how digital marketing strategies are essential for their better future. In this digital era, businesses should implement the right marketing strategies with the help of a good SEO company in New York to improve their visibility so as to reach their prospective consumers. During the holiday season, your product’s visibility is a crucial consideration as you should reach your targeted customers before your competitors do. In this COVID-19 situation, due to social-distancing and with more brick and mortar stores closed, the online marketplace is more crowded than ever; so, 2020 holiday marketing will be different for businesses. It is important to continue to adapt business models and incorporate the right marketing strategies.

With social distancing orders and fear for health and wellness, you need some good holiday marketing tricks that can be applied to your website to stay ahead of the competition. Here are some tips that can help you achieve your goal:

  • Structure your Website: Online shopping has been on the rise for years now. Now, due to the COVID-19 situation, and social-distancing becoming mandatory, online shopping will be the most significant avenue for most shoppers. It means businesses have to prepare for it. To prepare for it, you should make your website the center of your business. Keep your stocks updated and organized and ensure it is easy for your users to navigate your website. The biggest benefit of a website-centered business is placing the best deals and advertisements right on the home page.

    structure your website

  • Online Customer Chat: During this period, your customers will have more queries and concerns than usual. So, it is not enough to stick a few basic questions on your website and call it done. It is always better to set up an online customer chat service so that your customers can ask you their specific questions without having to come to your store. If you do not have the workforce to manage a 24/7 chat service, you can organize a Q&A email, and ensure you check it often.

    online customer chat

  • Offer Curbside Pickup and Delivery Options: It is a great way to maintain social distancing and it makes customers feel welcome to your shop for product purchase. This way you can do business by making your customers feel safe and satisfied.
  • Giveaways: Giving away a promotional product to your consumers can develop their relationship with your brand beyond the purchase. For instance, they will appreciate a free, functional gift like 2021 calendar or other promotional products. It helps to increase your brand visibility and make them repeatedly aware of your business after the holidays are over.
  • Send Catalogs and Postcards that offer Online Ordering Options: To promote their holiday sales and year-end deals, businesses use direct mail at this time of the year. Mailing your catalogs and postcards directly to your customers will enable them to have something concrete in their hands and it would also remain as a visible reminder of your business. Ensure you add QR codes that link back to your website so that you can convert their interest into increased website traffic and ultimately holiday shopping. This cross-media marketing outlook is effective as it connects with your target audience across multiple touch-points.
  • Support Local Business: Online shopping is the best way to help people stuck at home to get the items they need, though most people still prefer shopping at a brick and mortar store. In this holiday season, with the threat of COVID-19 still very much there, you can organize your holiday deals and marketing around the local community. Arranging deals between your non-competing neighbors will make your local customers feel better about their shopping.

Marketing takes skill and coordination, and with the help of a reliable New York SEO company, the right strategies can be applied to your website to maintain a strong online presence. Thus, you can reach your customers and keep them engaged in a safe and efficient manner.