6 SEO New Year Resolutions You Must Keep in 2021

SEO New Year’s Resolutions

How will SEO change in 2021? There is one thing that has been constant all through these years – each year Google moves its algorithms more towards more user-friendly search results. An experienced New York SEO company will keep abreast with all the changes and trends in SEO.

The Year That Has Been

This year has also seen the Covid-19 crisis that shook users’ search priorities and affected business and online marketing. The spectre of this pandemic is likely to extend into 2021 as well, which further challenges existing principles. Despite the updates Google brings in, there are some resolutions you can make to stay strong and competitive next year.

It is important to remember that SEO fundamentals are the same. You must aim at content that is relevant, high-quality, updated and includes multiple media. This always tends to perform well in the search results

Some Points for the New Year

Taking that into consideration, you also need to remember a few other points heading into the New Year:

  • You need to absolutely avoid worrying about, or reacting hastily to, Google updates. Remember, Google strives for user-friendliness and quality content. If your content serves users’ needs better than your competitors, your website will eventually be rewarded even if some update rollouts temporarily affect the rankings of your pages.
  • Always ensure that the content you create matches the intent of the searchers you target. For that, you can target long-tail keywords or conversational search phrases. This is how people usually search these days. Remember, search is not just by typing into the search box on the laptop, desktop or mobile phone. It could also be through voice assistants and smart speakers.
  • Add value to your content. Let your blogs, article submissions and social media posts be focused on making the life of your readers better in relation to your area of business. You can address pressing areas of concern, such as the current Covid-19 pandemic. You can come up with safety tips to survive the pandemic or other such content that can resonate with your audience and build your brand.
  • Online marketing must involve multiple channels, which must be incorporated into SEO. In other words, look beyond just keyword targeting and link building. These are undoubtedly important ways to bring traffic to your site. But there is so much more traffic and business you could be losing out on by holding on to these conventional techniques alone. Consider social media marketing, email marketing, user-generated affiliate marketing, PPC (pay-per-click) and even branded search.
  • Make changes to your marketing strategy on the basis of the latest user search trends, interests and other general social phenomena. For that, make sure you are always researching your target audience and observing their online habits. Your renewed marketing strategy should capitalize on these trends. That’s when your marketing strategy is updated. This is important to reach out to newer audiences.
  • Along with this, you can also improve your customer service. Improving the experience of your existing customers can build goodwill, retain your customers and help spread the word to bring in new customers. With round-the-clock customer service expected as normal, you would need a virtual answering service and chatbots to ensure customer queries are always answered.

Advanced Long Island digital marketing services can help you keep tabs on changing trends and whatever updates Google brings to its algorithms.