7 Key Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies to Improve Sales amidst COVID-19

Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies

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In this digital era, digital marketing has become a necessary part of every business as it helps to reach an enormous audience in a cost-effective and measurable way. With professional digital marketing in Long Island, you can develop your business website by applying the best strategies to reach your targeted audience. Due to COVID-19, every business has been affected, because most people are asked to stay home and avoid unnecessary visits to maintain social distancing and avoid the disease spread.

In the U.S. housing market, buying and selling real estate has been considerably affected due to the coronavirus (https://www.redfin.com/guides/coronavirus-housing-market-impact). This has increased the relevance of digital marketing for the real estate sector just as for other business sectors. To continue buying and selling, amid the stay at home and shelter in place policies prevalent in most states, real estate agents and brokers have to up their marketing game.

Real Estate Marketing Techniques

So, here are some that can be implemented during this time and even after.

  • Develop Video Content: Developing video content should be a part of your plan. Most digital marketers expect that videos will become the dominant form of online marketing in the field of real estate and also across other industries (https://digitalmarketinginstitute.com/blog/the-importance-of-video-marketing). The outbreak of Covid-19 is making this shift happen faster. The majority of your leads have plenty of time on their hands as they are sitting at home with limited entertainment opportunities. This makes them naturally resort to Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms that provide interesting videos. This is the reason why now it is the perfect time to enhance your real estate digital marketing strategy with video content.

    While creating video content, highlight the most important features of the property for sale, show your expertise in the local housing market, and also show that you are the most trustworthy agent in the area. Post your videos on real estate websites or your brokerage website first and later publish them on other social media platforms to get more reach.

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  • Real Estate Podcast: This is another real-estate digital marketing strategy. It needs comparatively little technical preparation but can give you a lot of fame in the real-estate world. It is simpler than making videos; the only thing you have to worry about is the voice and not the visuals. Most podcasts run at least once a week, and often up to three times a week. Broadcasting only one episode won’t be enough to succeed with your online real estate marketing plan.
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  • Virtual Reality: The most popular digital marketing strategy which can help continue buying and selling real estate during this COVID-19 time is virtual reality. With the advancement and spread of technology the real estate was already disrupted, and this current situation accelerates the pace of disruption. Investors and buyers cannot visit the properties during this situation, so the second-best option they have is to watch virtual tours. This is an effective real estate digital marketing strategy which agents need to adopt, as photos and descriptions are not just enough to market listings. There are easy-to-use and reasonably-priced online real estate marketing tools available that agents can use for this purpose.
  • Marketing using Facebook Messenger: According to digitalsuccess.us, there are more than 1.3 billion active users on Facebook messenger, so it is an effective way for marketing by targeting and to reach people who might have interest in buying your property or home. It is the world’s most popular mobile chat application, marketing through this way provides direct access to your prospects right where they are. Do not forget about the scalable marketing solution that allows you to create audience segments, tailor and distribute your messaging, make marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Content that Educates: Creating useful content that educates, solves a problem, or entertains is a part of every successful and effective marketing campaign. There is no denying the fact that content is king, so with the increase in popularity of interactive content, the role of content is becoming crucial. Interactive content can be in the form of answering a quiz, or taking a poll, or anything that keeps you and your audience connected. It can be delivered through blog posts, social media, e-mail messaging etc. If you use interactive content properly, it can create engagement, drive more views, and increase brand awareness leading to more customer conversions.

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  • Infographics: Infographic is a strategy that is gaining importance in digital marketing, especially at this time. If infographics is not a part of your strategy, you have to start making it now. The best content type for your infographic right now is the changes and trends in the local housing market and tips on how to buy and sell real estate during COVID-19. You can make content and update it once a month with the details you want to include such as, median property price in your area, the number of listings, the average days on market, etc. If you partner with real estate agents, then you have to include occupancy rate, cash on return, average rental income, and cap rate.
  • Optimize your Real-Estate Website for Mobile Phones: According to data given in the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Real Estate in a Digital age 2019 Report, 76% of home buyers found their home with the help of a mobile device. From this, it is understood that more than three quarters of real estate properties that was for sale was first found on the mobile device before the COVID-19 outbreak. During this situation, due to the stay at home and shelter in place policies, it is expected that the proportion will go up. This highlights the importance of mobile marketing in the real estate digital marketing strategy. Your website should be optimized for mobile users. With the help of Long Island digital marketing services, an agent or broker can set up his/her website in a mobile-friendly manner. After optimizing, he/she can add new content, update existing content by himself or herself. It will remain optimized for mobile devices.

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These are some of the best techniques that real estate brokers or agents can use to transition from traditional marketing techniques to real estate digital marketing strategies. With these techniques, you can stay ahead of the competition and continue doing business during these hard times.