8 Actionable SEO Tips to Drive Organic Traffic in 2021

SEO Tips

Are you trying to bring more visitors to your website? Then you need to greatly improve your website’s online presence because it is the best way to attract visitors – with unpaid (“organic”) search results – who already want to make a deal. These visitors – who are not “referred” by any other website – find your website after using a search engine like Google or Bing without mindless search engine optimization (SEO) and costly pay-per-click advertising. To get more organic visits to your site, conduct a good SEO analysis, and plan and execute an effective marketing campaign.

According to an article in blog.alexa.com, organic search drives 51% of all web traffic and 40% of revenue, which is why search marketing teams continually aim to generate more search traffic. For instance, if you rank on the first page for a keyword in a search engine, you’ll see organic traffic increase; whereas if you rank in the top 3 positions or the featured snippet for that keyword, you are likely to see an exponential traffic jump.

So how to increase organic traffic and work towards a higher ranking on Google?

Check out these 8 actionable SEO tips:

  • Spotting and Fixing Non/Under-Performing Content: We know that a large percentage of most websites’ organic traffic and leads comes from a small percentage of the total content on the site.

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    You’ll often have a bunch of content that is non-performing or under-performing – content that fails to help a website achieve its marketing objectives such as driving organic traffic, conversions, or winning referrals from other sites. Identify such content and fix it because non-performing content:

    • Is not doing you any favors
    • It may even hurt your chances of getting search traffic

    That is, with lots of unnecessary non-performing content, search engines get snarled up crawling the ineffective content and abandon the website before crawling the good stuff. Therefore, identify and eliminate such content so that it helps search engines to crawl the site’s most important pages and posts. Moreover, try to consistently create quality and performable content. The more quality content you have on your website or blog, the more opportunities you create for organic traffic to come your way.

  • Watch for the Blogosphere: The reciprocal sort of place, blogosphere is a place where we can read, comment, and link to other people’s sites and blogs – particularly those operating in your niche – to attract more prospects. For instance, consider delivering content to Quora, a great tactic for getting your voice out. You should spend some time answering peoples’ questions on this platform by providing real, valuable, and tangible insights for the specific area you are an expert in.
  • Email Outreach: Backlinks are an important ranking factor, but then securing backlinks is a daunting task. To get started in link building, one of the most effective techniques is to do email outreach. Though it is the easiest it can take a while to get back a response. Try searching google for tools to do bulk emailing.

An essential part of any SEO strategy, email outreach is the process of finding relevant prospects to promote your content (or your business and its people) and reaching out to persuade them to link to your website to successfully outrank your competitors. All you have to do is find prospects, scrutinize their content, and add a piece of their content to yours to back up your main idea. Once done find their emails and send reach out to everyone you link to within your content. Make contact and start a conversion about you using a piece of their content in yours, to back up your main topic idea.

If your content is unique and well-written, you’ll often receive compliments, which naturally leads to shares and sometimes link opportunities like guest posts and other collaborations.

  • Do Content Audit Regularly: Performing an annual content audit could help increase organic traffic. It is a process that involves diving deep into every single content piece and analyzing it to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your content marketing strategy. Content auditing helps you:
    • To analyze all pages on your website to see whether they should be kept as is, updated, consolidated, or deleted.
    • Find content gaps
    • Optimize content for search engines and visitors
    • Find ways to reuse the content

    Websites running on WordPress can conduct a content audit with Ahrefs’ free WordPress plugin.

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  • Use Google Analytics: Make use of data and metrics retrieved from Google Analytics to track visitors to your site and blog. If you can view from where the visitors arrived and what keywords they searched for allowing you to fine-tune your content accordingly.
  • Build a Presence on Social Media: Use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get your name and website address out on the internet. You can link to the articles that matter to you. Within a month you can check back to see what page have been visited through the social media account. Doing this will do two things, you can increase rankings through this & lastly help gain some followers that can see you as a authoritative figure within your industry.
  • Use Long-Tail Keywords: Rather than using popular and short keywords, aim for long-tail keywords that are more specific to your niche. With such keywords, Google and other search engines will identify your website or blog as a destination for that subject, boost your content in search rankings, and help your ideal customers find you.

Essentially here these kinds of keywords will help you to show google that you specialize in a specific topic. use other semantic long tail keywords within the content, linking out to other articles you have.

Consider all these SEO tips to increase organic site traffic or rely on an experienced digital marketing agency that can create an effective SEO campaign strategy to help your business secure higher visibility on organic search and establish a strong online presence. Keep in mind that you need to give your customers what they want – in terms of quality advice, information, and insight.

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