8 Important Rules for SEO Copywriting in 2020

SEO Copywriting

Many companies are making a renewed commitment to invest in developing a good SEO strategy. Experienced providers of content writing services in New York can provide you with appealing, relevant and quality content to make your website rank higher and attract qualified traffic. Every once in a while, Google updates its search algorithm and many of these updates have focused on content quality. A Long Island SEO company can help you to optimize your content and help your website achieve higher Google rankings.

To rank well in search engines like Google, your content should accomplish two goals:

  • Appeal to the customers/users.
  • Solve a particular problem.

Here are some very important rules to follow for SEO copywriting:

  • Understand the keyword intent: First, you should understand the importance of keyword intent. Keyword intent means understanding the users’ intentions when they use a particular word or term to find information about something. You should think about what the user actually wants to know when searching using a keyword that you are targeting so that you can provide them with the information they want. Without understanding this, it is very difficult to comprehend what to write in the first place.

    Three broad types of keyword intent are:

    • Informational: If the user wants to understand or learn more about any topic, product or industry.
    • Navigational: If the user wants to visit a specific website.
    • Commercial: If user wants to buy a product or service.

Google wants to provide its users the top-notch results and it rewards marketers who closely match keyword intent.

  • Simple and relevant: When you are talking about SEO copywriting, the ultimate goal is to create relevant content. Consider the purpose of the page, and provide relevant information in your meta description. Things like this can help you to rank well through organic search results. To bring your content to the top position, Google looks at the relevance of your content, and an effective way to prove the pertinence of your content is to target your main keyword early on in your copy.
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Keyword stuffing means inserting keywords into a piece of content to trick Google into thinking that your content is relevant for the keyword at hand. Everyone now knows that this is an outdated tactic that cannot improve your ranking. Google updates it algorithm periodically to find, rank and provide its users with the most relevant results. Here are two main reasons why you should strictly avoid keyword stuffing:

    • It is waste of time – Google will never fall for this.
    • It results in a horrendous user experience, because no one wants to read something that is clearly written to appease an algorithm.
  • Know your audience language: For instance, you want to write blog related to digital marketing, type “digital marketing new york” in the search box and enter. Scroll to bottom of the results page, a list will appear that contains frequently searched queries which are relevant to your main keyword. Including some of words and phrases in your content will give your SEO copywriting a huge boost.

    digital marketing
  • Aim for featured snippets: Snippets are the small piece of content that contains highly relevant information. Many websites are now optimizing for featured snippets, because it can be just as effective as ranking for a whole page. It needs just a single paragraph for optimization.

    featured snippet
  • Take a look at this image. You have already got the answer to your question in a snippet, and so you don’t have to click other links for your answer. People find it easy to understand and are satisfied with the highly relevant answers that come in a snippet.

  • Think about your title: It is the most important aspect of your content. If your headline is not click-worthy, then nobody is going to click through to your website. Headline copywriting is a powerful thing. It can get you a high Click-Through Rate and better organic ranking which will get you a higher volume of clicks.
  • Optimize your meta tags: Google will truncate your title tag or headline if it is more than 60 characters. Your headline is very important, but it is not only the meta tag that needs optimization: It is important that you also take time to write thoughtful descriptions (the text that displays directly below your URL) that attract people to click, and at the same time convince Google that your content is worth ranking.
  • meta results

  • Optimize for Voice Search: Try optimizing some of your content for question-based keywords. Usage of voice assistants like Alexa, Cortana, Siri, and Google is increasing. When people use voice search to find an answer, they usually ask questions instead of using keywords.

    According to statistics report in quoracreative.com, Google reports that 27% of the online population is using voice-based search on mobiles. Studies shows that, in 2020, more than half of smartphone users will engage with voice technology on their device. In the US, house penetration for smart speakers is predicted to rise to 55% by 2022.

Your readers should love your content. Experienced professionals in content writing services in New York can help you by writing a well-crafted, relevant content for your audience. When Google sees that your content is relevant for the terms users are searching for, it will have a positive effect on your ranking and thereby, website traffic.