Actionable Web Design Tips That Works With Your Content Strategy

Web Design Tips

Content offers valuable information that educates users as well as the search engines about your website. The content strategy becomes effective only if the web design supports that strategy. For any business website, it is the main hub of activity and it holds several prime elements of content strategy such as blogs, resources guides, links to social media, sales sheets, videos etc. So, if you are planning to set up a website for your business or redesign your existing website, then make sure to incorporate content strategy in your website by associating with an SEO company in Long Island. We can help you design your website so as to support your content marketing strategy and also track the website performance and user behavior.

The following are some useful tips to develop a web design that works with your content marketing strategy.

  • Set up a section for blogs: Blogs are a vital component for effective content marketing included in a website. However, sometimes blogs get lost in the complex design of the website. So, if you want you grow your blog readership, then make sure that your blog posts are placed at the right place on your website under the name “BLOG”.

    section blogs
  • Place Blog and Resources at the Top: Not being able to find blog and resources on your website is a huge red flag. If blogging or other resources are a part of your content strategy, then make sure that these are integrated into your web design and show them prominently. Invest time and money in content creation and ensure that users can easily find and access the resources. It is best to place the blog section in the top-level navigation because many users typically turn to top-level navigation.
  • Make it Sharable on Social Platforms: Creating good content is not enough, to bring visitors to your website, the content needs to be shared on social media platforms. This helps to build engagement and get your content in front of a new audience and potential prospects. Therefore, make sure to include a social share button on your blog post. A good web design makes it easier to share your content and it should have each resource’s own URL and image.

    social platforms
  • Keep CTAs for Blogs: Placing a nice visual CTA (Call to Action) for your blog helps to capture the attention of your readers, and is important to encourage them to click on it and complete the desired action. A good web design showcases recent blogs to keep the visitor engaged and on the website, highlighting related guides to capture contact information or compelling visuals that encourage visitors to sign up for the monthly newsletter.

    cta blogs

  • Include Resources on the Home Page: Many prospective users may visit your website several times and even try to contact your sales team. It is important to provide such people with valuable content at every stage of the buying process. Make sure that your website encourages prospective buyers to buy your products and services. Depending on your industry or products/services, it makes sense to feature your top content pieces on your home page to help educate your audience.
  • Integrate your Website and Content Marketing: The process does not end with having a B2B website. It needs to be updated and optimized for the end user. A good content marketing strategy is one of the best ways to keep your website current and full of helpful materials. However, your website design should be able to support your content marketing strategy in order to attract and convert more leads.
  • Easy to Complete and Track Forms: Make sure that all forms provided on your website are easy to complete and track.
  • Track Website Visitors in Analytics: When you have a B2B website, it is important to monitor the performance of the website and analyze user behavior.

Content strategy is all about planning, creating and delivering good content that defines your marketing needs and goals. However, any content strategy becomes effective only if it is very well incorporated into the web design process. It is a good step to reach out to an SEO Company in Long Island to design a website that supports your content marketing strategy.