Best SEO Tools For Keyword Ranking Reports

Keyword Ranking Tools

Just like doing keyword research and implementing other effective SEO strategies, monitoring keyword rankings is still relevant and important for your SEO success. No doubt, it is important to know how well your keywords are working and whether they are improving your conversion rates? There are many keyword ranking tools to research, tracking and monitor keywords, each with their own suite of benefits.

Why is Rank Tracking Important?

Monitoring keyword ranking in Google is important to –

  • identify search trends and know what your target market demands
  • determine whether your SEO strategy is working
  • improve your chances of reaching your target audience
  • troubleshoot traffic drops and ranking fluctuations
  • choose those keywords that consistently yield results and use them in your posts, web pages and other content that aren’t ranking well
  • identify new keyword opportunities and increase visibility
  • monitor your competitor’s ranking
  • plan for future keyword research endeavors
  • strengthen your content marketing

SEO experts at our NYC SEO company recommend these tools to track and monitor keyword rankings –



keyword overview
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SEMRUSH’s Position Tracking tool is a universal keyword rank monitoring tool that keeps users aware of fluctuations in website’s ranking on search engines. It helps monitoring the rankings of any domain, subdomain, subfolder or URL for the keywords to track on a daily basis. Users can check their ranking positions at the national or local level, on mobile or desktop devices.

You’ll get reports to compare with your competitors’ rankings in Google’s organic top results and the ranking in the top paid results from Google Ads. It provides a report showing rankings on a SERP and you can filter down the results to see what keywords activate SERP features. You can also identify the top-performing landing page of a particular domain and analyze the metrics of the keywords related to that page. This tool also helps identify opportunities to appear on Google’s SERP with the Featured Snippets section. Finally, you can collect standard reports using Report Builder feature.

Google Keyword Planner

keyword planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is a free tool that helps to research keywords for Search campaigns. Using this tool, you can either find new keywords by choosing “Discover new keywords” or upload existing keywords and get search volume and forecasts related to them. This keyword research tool helps to find the keywords that are most relevant for your business and provides insight into how often certain words are searched and how those searches have changed over time.

keyword ranking in google
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Forecasts for keywords will be presented on the graph and you can get more detailed forecasts in the table, as well as information on what kinds of bids might help you reach your business goals. It also provides suggested bid estimates for each keyword such as – the number of clicks your ad might receive each day, the average amount you might spend per day for a particular keyword, and how often your ad might show in a day, so that users can determine their advertising budget too.


rank tracker

This tool helps to monitor keyword rankings over time and chart performance against competitors. Its Rank Tracker allows monitoring Google rankings on both desktop and mobile across 170 countries. Users can get scheduled reports, straight to the inbox.

Once signed up, users just have to input or import a list of keywords, add multiple countries per keyword and provide competitors’ URLs. Ahrefs will start tracking data and send regular updates. Rank Tracker’s interactive graphs provide a history of visibility, average position & traffic and positions distribution. This tool provides users with data on a total of 13 features including Featured snippet, Sitelinks, Top stories, AdWords top etc.



This is a customized rank tracking tool you can use to check the positions of keywords on-demand at no extra cost. This world’s fastest keyword rank checker automatically updates keyword rankings every 24 hours. Users can also refresh their rankings on-demand in just a few seconds.

You can access up-to-date data and track keyword performance in real-time. You can diagnose issues as and when they happen and will be notified about any changes that are happening. Its large infrastructure and capacity allow checking an unlimited number of keywords. Users can check even a few thousand, a few hundred thousand, or even millions of keywords.



Consider using Moz tools to track rankings for your site and the competition. Moz Pro helps to track your website’s keyword ranking performance and overall visibility on the SERP, so that you’ll know what’s working and what’s not. Your SEO team can track competitors’ movement on the SERP and thus implement effective strategies to improve rankings.

You can use this popular tool to discover, prioritize, and build lists of high-quality keywords with Keyword Explorer. It provides the option to compare and optimize for search behavior in both mobile and desktop devices.


seo profiler

SEOprofiler offers different keyword tools that will help you find the best keywords for your website. Its Keyword Suggestion Tool helps to get keyword ideas for your marketing campaigns. Use The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler to check the position of web pages for any keywords on Google, Google Mobile and Bing.

NYC SEO Company

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Keyword Spy will help to get the keywords your competitors are using, and the WDF Keyword Analyzer analyzes the keywords your competitors use on their pages. All the collected keywords can be optimized using diverse tools such as – Create long tail keywords, Supplement keyword lists, Remove offensive words, Replace keywords, Create AdWords match types and more.

At MedResponsive, we use SEO profiler and other advanced tools to perform keyword research and monitor keyword rankings for our client websites. Based on optimized long-tail keywords, our team optimizes your web pages, blog content and social media posts.

To know more about our keyword research and optimization strategies, call our Long Island SEO Expert at (631) 494-3324!