Best Tips for Digital Marketing in the Legal Industry for 2020

Tips for Digital Marketing in the Legal Industry for 2020

In today’s competitive world, all industries are turning towards new options to stand out among the competitors. If you are an attorney, it is important to promote your attorney and law service-based business with the help of a digital marketing company in Long Island. Smart, effective digital marketing for law firms is vital to ensure that you capture the interest of those potential clients. Studies show that approximately 80% of people in the United States use the Internet regularly and out of those people approximately 97% search for products that they eventually end up buying. Strategic digital marketing makes sure that your firm is found easily on the Internet.

What are some digital marketing techniques that will help improve your visibility in 2020?

  • Video marketing: In 2018, US adults watched an average of one hour and 16 minutes video each day on their digital device. YouTube is the largest video sharing website with around 4 billion video views every single day. This shows that video influence is growing with each day and it is time for law firms and attorneys to incorporate videos in their marketing strategies. Video allows you to connect with visitors in a different way and establish a level of comfort with a visitor before they’ve even picked up the phone to schedule the initial consult.
  • Mobile optimized website: Mobile users are on a steady increase and 87 percent of smartphone users are turning to search on their phones. Therefore, having a responsive website is crucial to get more clients. A responsive website is a type of design that will adjust based on the screen size of any device that the user is using. Having a responsive website ensures better user experience and it is essential to engage with a wider audience.

    Mobile optimized website

  • Social media marketing: All law firm marketing strategies should include a social media strategy that helps you engage with your audience and establish yourself in the law industry. It is a platform that lets you connect with your audience and is also a great medium to share your articles and other valuable content. Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn etc can be targeted to reach potential new accounts.
  • Pay per click: Keyword terms associated with attorneys and lawyers are among the most expensive keywords in Google AdWords. Google’s ad-based platform is profitable if you use wisely. However,it is important to have an optimized website that attracts your audience and ensures maximum conversions.
  • Google alerts: Google Alerts are useful as these notify when your law firms or your name appears on a new piece of content which makes it easy to keep tabs on who is talking about you and your accolades. If your business gets mentioned in a negative way, that’s something you want to be notified of immediately.
  • Reviews: Word of mouth is the traditional way of getting reviews about any products or service. But today with the invasion of digital technology, online reviews have become the new word of mouth. Americans have proven that they trust online reviews as much as they would a personal friend giving them the same recommendation. So, your online review is the paramount to getting more clients to your practice. So here are some tips to increase your online reviews:


    • Google reviews: Google reviews are the king of all reviews. When people look for your business online they rely on Google reviews before approaching your law practice. So create a custom link that directs users directly to your Google Review page, where they can easily leave a review about your practice.
    • Facebook review: By simply adding ‘reviews’ to the end of the URL, you’ll have a direct link to your Facebook page reviews that opens directly into a Review Box for visitors asking them for review.
  • Search engine optimization: There are several search engine optimization factors that make a website optimized, and content is one of the most important among them.
    • Content is king: Valuable and relevant content with the right use of keywords is the most important strategy for law firms. Google promotes content that is unique, fresh and informative to the users.
    • Directory listings: Directory listings have been a crucial part of small business marketing. There are thousands of directory listing websites for small businesses, and it is important to be listed on as many as possible. It takes time and a little concentration to ensure you are listing your business consistently across all platforms, but it can be done.
    • Local search: Ensure that your business information is the same across the internet. You should ensure your business name, address, and phone number are correct in all directories. Google will find this more trustworthy.

Digital marketing has many various aspects and it is important to know each digital marketing technique to create and effective digital presence to bring in those new clients. If you want to stand out among your competitors then consider digital marketing service Long Island who can provide an optimized website that can drive in more clients.