Common Misconceptions Busted about YouTube Trending Tab


Getting a video featured in the YouTube Trending section is a big deal. Have you ever thought, what does it take for a video to trend on YouTube? Is it the quality of content? Does the reputation of the content creator matter? Do such creators get preferential treatment? There are a lot of misconceptions doing the rounds about how YouTube chooses which content makes it to the ‘Trending’ section. However, with the help of reliable search engine marketing in long island, you can find out why and how videos get chosen. This blog covers 3 common misconceptions that the video-sharing platform giant has debunked.

YouTube Trending Tab – An Overview

YouTube’s Trending section helps viewers see what’s happening on the platform and in the world, as it highlights videos that a wide range of viewers would find appealing. Accessible from the main navigation menu, some videos in the trending section are expected ones – it could be a new movie trailer, a new song from a favorite artist – while some others could be viral videos. These videos aren’t personalized and moreover, trending videos display the same list in each country to all users, which is why you may see videos in Trending that aren’t in the same language as your browser. However, the list of trending videos is updated roughly every 15 minutes to ensure it remains current – with each update, videos may move up, down, or stay in the same position on the list.

The trending section shows only a limited number of videos that

  • Are interesting to a wide range of viewers
  • Are not misleading, clickbaity or sensational
  • Capture what’s happening on YouTube and in the world
  • Showcase a diversity of creators on the platform
  • Are surprising or novel
  • Indicate the culture and trends that are popular on the platform at the time

Apart from these balanced considerations, trending considers many signals too, such as

  • View count
  • How quickly the video is generating views
  • Where the views are coming from
  • Age of the video
  • How the video performs compared to other recent uploads from the same channel

With all these constraints, getting a video featured in the Trending section is a big deal. Some YouTube creators have developed their own theories about why and how videos get chosen. But then, YouTube has busted those misconceptions and explains what it takes for a video to appear in the popular ‘Trending’ section.

The misconceptions are:

  • Misconception 1: Trending tab is exclusive for high profile creators or late-night talk shows

Some YouTube users think that trending videos are exclusive to big creators – which is understandable because a lot of trending videos are by creators who are well-known. However, this is a misconception, because YouTube ensures that at least 50% of Trending videos are from homegrown creators. It even has separate sections for ‘artist on the rise’ and ‘creator on the rise’ that showcases small channels for an entire day, which gives upcoming creators a chance to grow their base and gain exposure.

  • Misconception 2: You need contacts on YouTube to appear on the Trending tab

Another common misconception is that you need to know someone or pay someone at YouTube if you want to enter the Trending tab. This is not true, as the company doesn’t accept payment for the same. What it does is consider certain factors such as performance, number of views, source of the views, and how quickly the video is garnering views. As expected, the company filters out videos that go against its community standards such as those with excessive violence, profanity, and mature content to ensure that videos on Trending are safe to watch by a larger audience.

  • Misconception 3: When You Post Matters

It’s natural to assume that post timings matter for YouTube as it does for other social media platforms. However, YouTube updates the list of its Trending videos every 15 minutes, giving creators a fair chance to appear. Of course, it makes sense to publish videos when your audience is most likely to be on YouTube but it’s not a deciding factor for the Trending tab.

If you’re a YouTube content creator eager to make it to the Trending tab, there are things you can do to increase your chances. These include creating engaging videos with a novel twist to showcase contemporary or relevant topics. Avoid using clickbait titles and descriptions as well as all caps. Learn good video editing techniques, interact with your viewers through comments, and keep track of the ‘Reach’ tab in Analytics to know where your views are coming from.

With over 1.86 million individuals spending a billion hours each day watching videos, YouTube, the video-sharing platform – often referred to as the world’s second-largest search engine – has now become a giant among other social media platforms. Experienced companies that provide reliable SEO company long island will find ways to highlight your video within the first 4 days of uploading, as it is critical to be featured in the trending tab – the pulse of what’s popular on YouTube.

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