Facebook Creator Studio App for Greater Control of Your Posts

Facebook Creator Studio App

If Facebook is part of your strategy, you’ve just got yourself a great tool. And this is something that can make your social media optimization strategy more efficient.

The Amazing Features of Facebook Creator Studio

creator studio

Facebook Creator Studio, launched back in August 2018, now has a mobile app. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS. It is quite similar to what the desktop hub offers. With the Creator Studio app, users can track how the content they’ve posted is doing through the Facebook Pages, just like what the desktop hub offers. They can also publish and schedule posts while responding to messages and make adjustments when required. There are also other features on offer.

Insights and Metrics

insights and metrics

Of particular interest to publishers and creators are the insights and metrics features that enable users to analyze insights about the post and page. They also get access to distribution and retention metrics. These can help them adjust their strategies.

insights and metrics

There are performance metrics indicating the time spent by readers on your content. You have features such as average minutes viewed, “3-second views” and “1-minute views”. There are also engagement metrics such as shares, comments, earnings, follower counts, etc.

Amazing Control at Your Fingertips

Amazing Control at Your Fingertips

The app functions as a tool for watching your scheduled as well as published posts on your mobile phone. That gives you the ability to make quick changes to those posts, such as editing descriptions or titles or videos. You can also reschedule the posts, publish drafts, and also expire or delete posts. It has an inbox for you to respond to comments and messages. All this can be done wherever you are, even on the move, with the app.

In the same session, you can also toggle between your different accounts. You don’t have to waste time logging out and logging in again just to sign in as another user. Many businesses have multiple creator pages, and you also have creators with a significant social media presence. They would find this toggling feature particularly useful. When there are important events and other milestones, the app gives out instant notifications.

Some Disadvantages

The latest Creator Studio app does remind one of the earlier Creator app that was launched by Facebook but closed down in 2019. There are still some things lacking in the new app, such as posting and uploading new content. That’s something that has drawn a great deal of complaints. There isn’t any Instagram integration too. There’s also disgruntlement that it has too much overlapping with another app, the Pages Monitor. But Facebook is expected to bring out greater app functionality and address the issues in future.

Despite the shortcomings, the Facebook Creator Studio app is a great tool that opens up more digital marketing opportunities.