A Few Tips to Make Your Home Page Deliver More Conversions

Home Page

Businesses always look for their home pages to convert. After all, the investment and effort made to get a great website isn’t just for publicity. Long Island digital marketing companies know that too well. Each page of your website serves a specific interest of readers. All of them need to be optimized for conversions. But if website visitors think of signing up for your products and services just by visiting your home page, that contributes to faster results and greater earnings.

The home page can be argued to be the most important page on your website. It is the entry point to your website and also your business, and should therefore be attractive enough to users in the sense that it tells them that your business has what they are looking for.

Getting the Navigation Right

A home page can convert directly, but it should also take your visitors to the other great pages of your site. So, the navigation must be easy with clear icons with links that take your visitors to the various parts of your site, as in the example below:


The main area for navigation must contain the most important content of your site. The navigation area should also be in a conspicuous location of your home page’s real estate. Navigation icons pointing to similar sections must be grouped closer to each other. But there must be a clear differentiation between the various choices.

Maintaining a Clear Identity

clear identity

You home page also needs to clearly display your identity. Your brand must be clearly represented. You need your company’s logo to be significantly displayed in a prominent but aesthetically pleasing manner. Also, include a tagline that gives a clear picture of your business. That’s where the textual content comes in.

Keeping the Textual Content to the Absolute Necessity

You don’t need blog-like extensive content on the home page simply because not all visitors would be hanging around long enough to go through all that text. However, your wording is important. Keep the textual content to a minimum but ensure that the minimal text clearly conveys your website’s capability to satisfy the requirements of your target audience.

Avoiding Intrusive Design Elements

The ease and user-friendliness of the home page is dictated by its design. It could be tempting to add complex design elements but, remember, the goal is to ensure a pleasant browsing experience which could lead to faster conversions. You need to avoid any design aspects that intrude on the user experience and prevent users from wanting to see the various aspects of the website and clicking on the navigation links in the home page.

You would have seen carousels and sliders in various home pages, but while these moving aspects of the home page’s design attract users, they don’t aid conversions at all as per studies. Keeping the banner fixed, as in the example below, enables users to clearly read and understand what’s written in it:

design elements

A Stanford University study by neuroscience researchers revealed that watching movement activates certain primal instincts in human beings that cause them to get excited. Banner sliders and carousels have messages that keep moving and are replaced. This constant change of message affects the reader’s ability to grasp any one message and hold on to it. Without grasping, they don’t understand it and won’t probably click it. They would probably also miss the navigation icons and the textual content. It’s therefore better that you avoid these sliders and carousels if conversions are your goal.

Focusing on a Specific Kind of Target Customer

Finally, you need to ensure you focus on a specific kind of target customer with your home page. Obviously, you have many services your website offers and you would want to show these services to all kinds of potential customers who could potentially benefit from them. But while you can have navigation icons pointing to the various services and pages of your site, your home page should not contain any unnecessary information – anything that doesn’t add value to the experience of your target audience.

To ensure there isn’t any loss of focus, you can have a great headline at the top that is short, attention-grabbing and clearly highlights what you offer or what makes your business different from the others out there. Below the headline, you can add a few sentences in a smaller font where you explain more about your features.

target customer

You could add a video, image or graphic to enhance the visual element.

Finally, you need a conspicuous call to action which will ensure conversion straight from the home page, as in the example below:

call to action

These strategies are followed by an experienced New York SEO company, and you can rely on their services for the best results. A highly converting home page boosts your ROI either by directly leading visitors to click the call to action on the page, or by leading users to the other useful pages of your website. Think of every page on your site as one that must convert. The home page too can directly convert while also introducing people to your business from the search results page.