Google Sheds Light on the Changing Nature of SERPs

Google Sheds Light on the Changing Nature of SERPs

Why does Google give webmasters sleepless nights with its algorithmic updates? This is something SEO analysts and companies stay prepared for as part of their affordable SEO packages.

While the frequent minor updates aren’t announced or even confirmed by Google, the core algorithm changes are announced though it doesn’t make webmasters feel any better. All this brings about big changes and volatility in the SERP pages. Recently, Google’s John Mueller cared to make the path clear by openly explaining why the SERPs keep changing.

Google’s John Mueller Explains

In a Hangouts session, Mueller particularly answered how to get a website, whose rankings were lost, back on track. It was specifically asked by a webmaster who had noticed a major change on January 14, 2020. The website owner had experienced significant rankings and traffic drop as a result. And there wasn’t any notification given or even any penalty that was applied.

While he was familiar with the ups and downs of traffic, the changes on January 14 seemed to be strange and severe. He wanted to know if there was anything specific that could be done to get back on track. As usual, there was a vague reply where Mueller denied his awareness of any such update on the 14th of January. Since he also wasn’t aware of what the actual site is, he couldn’t offer any specific advice. But he used the opportunity to give some insight on SERP changes.

Updates Can’t Be Blamed for Traffic Changes Always

Mueller states that not all traffic changes are the result of updates. There can be multiple factors that influence changes in search traffic patterns. Ranking drops need not necessarily be because of search updates. They could also be the result of changes in how people search. People could lose interest in certain search topics. If this trend is widespread, as a result of events and trends in the world, traffic for that search term could suffer.

However, Google’s influence on the site can be felt when the quality of a site suffers. It could also be the result of Google viewing quality from a different perspective. Then, the site could experience drops in traffic. But these can only be assessed in the light of the specific website. Changes made to the website could perhaps affect how Google views the quality of the site.

SERPs Are Never Static

It is important to remember that search results are never static. If competitors do a better job in SEO, they could come up higher on the search results for certain keywords. So there really is no one thing that can set right ranking drops. What you need to do is focus on the SEO white hat techniques recommended by Google. Keep doing a better job at it.

Experienced digital marketing services are aware of how volatile search results could get. That’s why they keep monitoring the performance of their clients’ websites constantly and suggest changes when required.