Google Updates Search Results To Help Users Validate Sources


Over the years, Google has been continuously evolving and improving as its mission is to organize the information and make it universally accessible and useful. Recently, Google updated its search results with more contexts about domains to help users determine if a source is valid or not before clicking a link in search results. Reliable New York local SEO company stay update with such developments to help their clients devise effective SEO strategies to stay ahead of competition.

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People around the world rely on Google Search to quench their never-ending thirst for information, learn about various topics, and make important decisions. As technology evolves, Google is continuously mapping the web and other sources so that it can connect with users to provide the most relevant and helpful information.

Google continually strives to address issues users face with search. For instance, if you spell something wrong in search, Google has systems to detect those misspellings and provides proper spelling predictions, so that the you can find web pages and information that match the words you are searching for. The company also continues to make improvements to their underlying language understanding systems in Search, so that even if the users don’t phrase something exactly as it’s written online, Google can still understand the words and concepts, and make it easy for the engine to fetch the information that the user might find a good match.

However, these systems don’t always work perfectly, and sometimes, Google may end up showing results which is not related to what the user was looking for. This is one of Google’s major concerns and it is continually working to combat misinformation and fake news.

Lately, Google came up with new features that will help you validate sources directly in search results. This latest update is helpful for users who are unsure of the source of information they are reading. Along with this new feature, the company is also rolling out more information literacy features based on research and best practices from experts.

Let’s see what Google is actually doing to add context to Search Engine Results Page (SERPs):

  • Expanding ‘About This Result’ Cards: To help searchers learn more about sources and topics in search results, Google is expanding the ‘about this result’ cards. You can view this card by tapping the three dots on any search result.

    about results

    The ‘About This Result’ cards were introduced as a beta test in February 2021. This feature was designed in a way to give searchers basic information about domains – such as description of the domain, whether the domain is secure, the full URL of the search result and whether the result is organic or an advertisement. Later in July 2021 the cards received a substantial update showing the “why” of a particular page. Google added information on the cards about why a particular result is ranked in search. Now, after answering “who” and “why”, the cards come up with answering “What” – what the topic is about.

    Along with a description from Wikipedia, the ‘about this result’ cards are getting even more information about a source and will now display what a site says about itself in its own words and when that information is available.

  • Providing More Context In Search Results About Rapidly Changing Events: In the current world, accessing timely, relevant and reliable information is increasingly important and Google Search plays a major role here by providing useful and updated information Sometimes the reliable information the users searching for will not be online yet – particularly breaking news or emerging topics – and if available, it might not be the most reliable information, especially information which is published first. To help with this, Google has trained their systems to detect when a topic is rapidly evolving.

    Now, Google provides more context in search results about rapidly changing events. The page will show a notice indicating you check back later when more information from a wider range of sources might be available.


Google displays this notice to alert searchers to be extra cautious about the information they’re about to read.

Google’s goal is to provide more context about the search results so that users can more confidently evaluate the information they discover online. All these updates will be rolling out in English in the United States first. The company is working to expand these and other related features to more countries around the world over the coming months.

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