How Businesses Can Revise Their Marketing Plans during Covid-19 Outbreak

Businesses Can Revise Their Marketing Plans during Covid-19 Outbreak

With the outbreak of COVID-19, businesses around the globe are forced to shut down making major changes in terms of managing and adjusting their sanitation policies and even resorting to laying off workers in order to make it through the pandemic. Businesses may have to review their online marketing strategy and redefine them in the present condition. So, improving your web marketing with the assistance of a responsive web design company can help maintain normality in these pandemic days and will also give you a competitive edge over competitors who are slow to react.

Here are five steps that businesses can follow:

  • Retain your customer base with smart moves:
    • Marketing automation: It is one of the best ways to be in touch with customers. It is not just about sending automated emails or cold calling messages to attract new customers, but sending out personalized, contextualized, targeted messages to existing customers. Be in touch with your customers through social media at every point and this will ensure that you can deliver creative campaigns that will add even more ROI.
    • Creative content: Posting viral content is an important element of your digital marketing strategies to stay in touch with customers. Share the innovations that you are currently making that differentiate your offerings from that of your competitors, and promote your good news stories in terms of awards and client wins.
    • Be more social: Engage with your customers through social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. Encourage them to review your products, discuss their purchasing decisions, exchange views on your business. Use these channels to listen to your customers and learn more about your market.

      retain your customer base with smart moves

  • Be more visible to your potential customers:
    • The Mere Exposure effect: It is a phenomena where consumers have a preference for your products and services as they are familiar with it. Look out for more low-cost techniques that puts your brand right in front of your customers. Make sure to set aside a budget for keeping your brand visible to your potential customers. Create high quality and informative content so that it receives more shares and also reduce your budget for generating low value, low impact content.
    • Update your content: You may have evergreen relevant content; such content can be repurposed and it is still valuable to your customers and the search engines. This can improve your ranking in the search engines.
    • What others say: Others’ opinion about your products and service is more valuable than what you think about yourself. Another low-cost way of getting visible in front of a larger pool of potential clients is to leverage the authority of other respected experts.
  • Concentrate on driving conversions:
    • Customer experience: Make sure that your website is user-friendly so that you can give a personalized experience to your customers. In terms of keeping costs down, remember that small changes on your website will have an outweighed impact on the final results.
    • Social proof with positive stories: Use recommendations and reviews at every touchpoint in your marketing, you can also use these case studies to create interactive content and share it on your website and social media accounts.
    • Use AI: With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, give your business a competitive advantage and access to the right prospective customers at the right time. The latest developments in AI can attract new customers and it also ensures that the right message is sent to the right person at the right time, and reducing waste.

      use ai

  • Measure your marketing techniques:
    • Configure Google analytics: Make sure that you include all the basics that you are using to drive your marketing efficiencies. You can make use of all the free data that Google Analytics provides that will help shape your marketing strategies.
    • Measure social media ROI: If you’re on a stringent marketing budget, then you will have to make tough decisions about spending your resources. One step is to hold your social media activity. Social media can appear to be very time-consuming and an optional non-essential activity. But before you make that decision, ensure you have explored how social media is contributing to your bottom line in terms of engagement, visibility, and profitability.

      measure your marketing techniques

  • Test your techniques: The last and final step is to test all your marketing techniques using methods like A/B testing, content testing, geo target testing etc. Testing is essential in order to be sure that your marketing techniques are continually delivering the right message to the right customers. If any of your experiments is not working then abandon that and move on.

As some of the marketers may have some extra free time, especially those who have to go into home isolation, they can review their online marketing strategy and redefine their marketing messages. Businesses can also partner with a good responsive web design service to implement budget-friendly marketing strategies and gain a competitive edge.