How to Get to the Rich Results and Why They Matter

Rich Results

There are lots of things that make up a good performance on the search results page, and you also have aspects such as rich results that companies offering organic search engine optimization in Long Island deal with.

Google’s Structured Data Requirements for Rich Results

Google insists on following its structured data requirements for ensuring rich result eligibility for your content. Google’s John Mueller was answering a query during the latest edition of the #AskGoogleWebmasters. He said that you can use structured data not officially listed in Google Developers, though Google officially supports only the structured data mentioned in the Developers site as rich results. But Google also acknowledges the presence of other kinds of structured data.

It’s simple to figure this out. If you want to have your web page shown as a Google rich result, you need to follow the Google Developers structured data guidelines. Now make sure you understand that using structured data alone does not qualify your web pages for rich results. There are other important factors that play a part too, including the quality and relevance of your content. However, using Google structured data makes your site eligible for a rich result display.

Any Kind of Structured Data Helps

Any kind of structured data helps Google understand what your content is and how to rank it. But Google officially supports its guidelines. Even though the structured data may not be supported as rich results, it can still enable Google to better understand content and also rank it. Mueller explained that any kind of structured data helps Google’s systems to show pages in accordance with relevant queries.

What’s So Great about Rich Results?

Rich Results

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If you’re wondering what rich results are and why they’re important, let’s take a closer look at them. Rich results are basically snippets and cards that contribute to enhancing normal page results with stuff such as images, reviews, ratings and other such information that can enable readers to get a clear idea about what the result is about. That helps your result to stand out. The carousel feature is part of it. Structured data contributes to creating these extra bits of information about a result. Google -recommended structured data, like other kinds of structured data, can help search engines better understand what a web page is about,which helps in improving the ranking of the page. But only Google-recommended structured data helps in creating rich results.

Rich Results in Position Zero Grab Attention

The big advantage of rich results is that they appear right at the top, even above the usual text results in an area known as “position zero”. Even if you may not be ranking at the top in the traditional results, it wouldn’t matter much if you appear in the rich results because it’s the first and most prominent thing readers see on the search results page.

Sometimes they are shown in boxes along with useful information such as a star rating and an image. They give a lot more practical insight to the reader than traditional search results themselves. As a result, users have a greater motivation to click your site. If you keep getting yourself in the rich results at the top, your click-through rate improves significantly which boosts your rankings. High click-through rates are what Google and any other search engine’s algorithms value highly.

Voice Search Depends on Rich Results

The other advantage of rich results is their preference in voice search results. When you perform voice search on voice assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa or Echo, or voice assistants such as Siri, it’s the rich results that come up in position zero that are read out.

Long Island digital marketing companies can help your web pages come up in the position zero rich results by adapting to Google-recommended structured data.