How An SEO Company In NYC Can Help You Make The Most Of Google Trends

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Are you looking for an effective SEO tool that can track trends, research and perform analyses? Then Google Trends is what you should consider. Google Trends is a powerful free tool that provides valuable information for marketers. An experienced SEO Company in NYC can help businesses make the most of this tool to develop and implement effective SEO strategies.

What is Google Trends?

Launched in 2006, Google Trends is a free tool from Google. Depending on time and territory, it provides data and graphs on the popularity of specific searches terms in both Google and YouTube. It has become a popular source for big data research and applications because it helps users find out what’s trending. Google Trends offers extensive statistics on search data while providing a platform to observe consumers’ search information.

Generally, Google Trends is used to:

  • Find out what’s recently trending
  • Identify trending topics or subtopics within an industry or broad themes
  • Discover geographic search trends local to your area

Google trends is not a tool that’s exclusive to marketers It one of the most valuable sources of open data on the internet and could identify an influenza outbreak two weeks before the CDC could.

How to Use Google Trends

Google Trends can be explored from the top down by visiting the tool. See what searches are currently trending and to get more information regarding the trend, just click the trending topic.

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Let’s now take a look at how a reliable SEO company in NYC uses this tool to create SEO strategies for businesses:

  • For Keyword Research: Google Trends allows you to conduct free keyword research. It helps to identify keywords that are growing in popularity and avoid keywords that have faded in popularity over time.

    Enter a specific search term in the search box on the homepage and by default, a search will be conducted, which will display Google’s most popular keywords. The tool will then return a graph of the search term’s popularity over the past year, where you can change the timeframe by expanding the date range. This feature allows you to look at data pertaining to the past two or three years, rather than only the past year, and help you differentiate fads and true trends.

  • To Discover Related Topics for Blog and Video Content: Google Trends can be used to find related search queries and also related topics. There’s a table next to “Related queries” called “Related topics” that focuses on specific searches and shows you which broad topics people are searching for. Once you get results for related topics, an entire series of blog posts, videos or social media posts on these related topics can be created.
  • To Discover Local Search Trends: Google Trends helps uncover local search trends and find keywords for local SEO. For instance, if you run a local business that serves a specific area in the United States and want to find the keyword’s trends in that subregion, you can just check out “Interest by subregion”. This feature shows you the keyword’s trend in that particular sub region.
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    Google search volume for a keyword varies a lot between different states. If you notice more people are searching for a service in your city, then you can use that keyword onto your site and your GMB profile for better SEO.

  • To Get More Advanced Search Results: With Specific Search Options, you can find more advanced search results. Using “related queries” and other specific search options, SEO companies can help find new keyword ideas, which could help them to get more clients- even steal business from your competitors. The five specific search options in Google trends are:
    • Web search (Default).
    • Image Search.
    • News Search.
    • Google Shopping.
    • YouTube Search.

Each click will yield search results based on different segments of your potential markets. You can also sort popular topics and queries. If you want to identify the recent trends and view the top overall keywords, click the ‘Rising’ option. The results will be highly useful for SEO as they can help inspire new content that embraces new trends.

Google Trends data provides unique insights for businesses that want to go beyond a basic search. As a Long Island SEO expert, we can help you make the most of this versatile tool to enhance keyword research, boost your content marketing campaign and transform your SEO.