How to Generate More Leads on Social Media Platforms – Part 2

Social Media

In our previous blog, we discussed the lead generation strategies for three top social media platforms – LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Now, let us take a look at key tips to generate leads on three other platforms – Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. Lead generation involves generating interest in a business’ products or services. To get better leads out of social media platforms, businesses can consider partnering with an experienced search engine optimization company in New York.

Facebook Lead Generation

Facebook is not only a tool for sharing news, staying in touch with customers, and increasing engagement; it can also be used to generate new leads. The lead generation process can be done easily with Facebook lead ads. Businesses can easily tap their ad and a pre-populated form called an “Instant Form”, with contact information pops up. With Instant Forms, lead ads let people sign up, answer customized questions, and show their interest in just a few clicks or taps.


  • Consider using Facebook’s Messages objective to drive conversations to your business. Facebook delivers these ads in Messenger, Instagram and/or WhatsApp to people who are more likely to convert.
  • Add a good introduction to your Instant Form, in the Intro section to give more details about why viewers should submit their information. Consider including an image, headline and description that explains more about the product or service in this section. Once the ad is approved, your Instant Form will show your Intro section to everyone who views the form.
  • Add custom questions relevant to your business or organization for which you need answers from your customers. You can add up to 15 questions or even include pre-fill questions to get user information. If you are choosing Pre-fill questions, in the Description field, let people know how their information will be used or shared.
  • In the Privacy section, add link text and a URL in the Privacy policy field. You can also click + Add custom disclaimer if you want to add additional disclaimers to your Instant Form. Custom disclaimers have no character limit.
  • Customize the text in the completion section of the Instant Form that keeps people engaged with your business once they’ve submitted their information. There are three call-to-action buttons – direct people to the website of your choice, allow them to download a white paper, coupon or other item directly from your Instant Form or call your business directly from their mobile device. Choose your preferred Call to Action Type.

YouTube Lead-Generation

YouTube, the most popular video-sharing site in the world, is also a good tool to use to generate leads. It is a great platform to engage new prospects and convert viewers into customers. A Hootsuite blog highlights that YouTube has more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users.

YouTube TrueView for Action ads

TrueView for action campaigns helps drive leads and conversions by adding prominent calls-to-action (CTAs), headline text overlays, and an end screen to video ads. Video ads encourage viewers to discover your product or service, share their contact information, and take other actions valuable to your business.

Consider Adding YouTube Cards

These are the interactive cards in YouTube videos that often appear at the end of a video. Just like a call to action (CTA), you can add videos with bonus links, pushing viewers to take the action you want.

youtube cards

You can add up to five cards, throughout the course of the video, that promote a related content or a specific landing page. When the card is added to a specific part of the video, a teaser will appear in the upper-right corner of the video for 5 seconds. Once the viewers click the teaser, the associated card is revealed. You can also add an end screen that prompts viewers to check out your other videos, channels, or playlists. Consider adding clickable landing pages and subscribe buttons to your videos.

Other key tips to generate leads in YouTube are –

  • Use the right keywords in YouTube descriptions to optimize your content. The right keywords along with better optimization would drive leads. To optimize content, consider adding key details to the description box including a link to your landing page, business website, and other resources. Also, include links to other social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to drive engagement.
  • Make sure that the videos you post are of high quality. Consider using video editing tools to format your videos for use on YouTube as well as other platforms.
  • Consider grouping all the videos into a single playlist, which will make related content much easier to find. Once the video is uploaded, you will have an option to “add to playlist”.
  • Make sure to respond to the queries in the comments section on YouTube, as it is a great option to engage with viewers directly. This space can be used not only to answer questions, but also provide additional resources, and pin relevant links. Stay friendly with your viewers and seek suggestions for your future content topics.

Pinterest Lead-Generation

With 459 million monthly active users, Pinterest is a great platform and a visual search engine to grow your audience, scale that email list, and ultimately make more sales. You can generate direct or indirect leads with Pinterest. In direct leads, content is linked directly back to a landing page on your website and here, visitors can share their personal information in exchange for an offer. At the same time, indirect leads are generated by using Pinterest on the path to conversion, but it’s not the final destination before someone gets to a landing page.

pinterest lead generation

You can set up promoted pins or Pinterest ads under Awareness Campaigns, Engagement Campaigns, Traffic Campaigns or Conversion Campaigns. In Pinterest ads, depending on the campaign type, you can choose to set your own bids or let automatic bidding tools do it for you.

To get leads on Pinterest –

  • Create interesting boards that your customers can discover. Make sure to come up with at least 5-7 boards on topics related to your niche.
  • Create tall, interesting images to get them re-pinned more.
  • Create a short but crispy pin description, between 100 and 200 characters that works best. Also, include a shortened, trackable URL in your pin description as it gives your followers even more opportunities to click.
  • Make sure to keep track of your Pinterest conversions and leads with advanced tools and options such as Referral Traffic features in the marketing analytics software or Pinterest Analytics Clicks metric in Pinterest’s dashboard.

Businesses must focus on generating leads so as to gain great opportunities to engage more customers and increase sales. Businesses that can’t invest their time for social media lead generation can consider utilizing SEO services in Long Island, NY.

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