Long Island MedResponsive Launches New Website for Asklipios Medical

New Website for Asklipios Medical

Long Island MedResponsive is pleased to announce the launch of the new website for its client – Asklipios Medical. A Long Island SEO and web design company with extensive experience in the industry, we have assisted diverse healthcare clients in meeting their unique web design, development and SEO goals. Responsive web design and development is an integral part of our company’s value-added solutions.

Asklipios Medical, located in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., provides premier healthcare services in indigenous, rural and remote locations. This non-profit organization’s goal is to meet the medical and dental requirements of needy patients, free of cost. People of all ages who can’t afford or find proper care can rely on this healthcare team. Their staff has extensive experience in providing healthcare services in austere locations globally. They are also involved in arranging several programs to raise oral health awareness, mainly among children.

Long Island MedResponsive was able to meet this client’s need for a website with a consistent look and feel. Our experienced designers and developers created this website -www.asklipiosmedical.org – which is fully responsive. Users can access the site on mobile, tablet, desktop or any other device they use. We have also optimized the content for the site to make the client’s medical as well as dental services clear for patients.

Key highlights of this interactive website include clear call to action, sliding side navigation menu and improved website navigation. The site’s user-friendly features also enhance the online experience for anyone visiting the website. Other elements that improve the site’s functionality include Google Analytics Integration, website SEO audit, W3C Validation, HTML 5 and customized Content Management System.

Long Island MedResponsive’s web design and development packages are precisely tailored to fit the needs of any client.