Our Top 10 Most Popular and Informative Blog Posts of 2019

Most Popular and Informative Blog

All through 2019, we have been enlightening audiences with deep insights as well as the latest trends in digital marketing. Search engine algorithms keep changing, with minor updates being launched all the time. Core algorithmic updates are less frequent, but the changes in rankings they bring about could panic website owners. But that isn’t the time to panic, but to take a measured approach. Through our blogs we explain why there is a lot more to Internet marketing than just rankings. So, as we enter 2020 and new decade (depending on how you interpret the beginning of a decade), here’s a look back at our top blogs of the year.

  1. Social Media Marketing – Key Tips for Businesses to Consider

    The social networks are vibrant destinations, but you need to choose your network depending on the audience you wish to target. The kind of posts also matter because you must post stuff that interests or educates your audience but is also relevant to your area of business. We explained everything you need to know through this infographic.

    Social Media Marketing

  2. Seven Trends that Define the Future of Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing keeps evolving and audience interests and preferences evolve. New technologies also spell changes. Figuring that out is essential to the success of business social networking. We shed insight on all the trends you can expect in the future, some of which have already made their presence felt.

    Social Media Marketing

  3. Steps to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Law Firm

    Law firms are unlike other businesses because they need to take extra care in building trust among their target audience and maintaining their reputation. We’ve created a blog post specifically for law firms and the steps they can undertake to increase their business and earnings by making themselves conspicuous to their audience.

    Social Media Marketing Plan

  4. SEO Content Optimization – Follow These Easy Steps

    Content is considered the king of SEO, and it must be optimized for search engines to ensure your quality content gets to the intended audience. This blog post comprehensively sheds light on all aspects of optimizing your content effectively without leaving any stone unturned.

    SEO Content Optimization

  5. Make Your Facebook Ads Campaign a Success with These Key Tips

    Facebook has proven to be a great ad platform that helps you reach out to a wide range of audiences. Running engaging ads on Facebook can really help you get more enquiries and sales of your product or service. With Facebook being such an important platform with a growing user base and currently having the status of being the largest social network, we tell you everything you need to know about making your Facebook Ads campaign a big success.

    Facebook Ads Campaign a Success
    (Img source: https://www.facebook.com/business)

  6. Here’s What Not to Do on Your LinkedIn Account

    LinkedIn is a unique social network, in that it is a professional network primarily for businesses and professionals to connect. But it is among the fastest growing networks out there. So, depending on the kind of audiences your business targets, you can decide whether to use LinkedIn or not. You need to treat it as a unique network since it requires a strategy that’s probably different from what you’d adopt for the other social networks out there. We give you insight on what you need to avoid doing to make your LinkedIn efforts successful.

    LinkedIn Account

  7. How to Optimize Your SEO Content? Here Are 6 Simple Ways

    What makes great content? How does your content help you to rise up in the search rankings and get more viewers and potential customers? Content is essential for effective search engine optimization, and you need to ensure that you carry out on-page, off-page and technical SEO to ensure your web pages make it to the top spot in the rankings. We show you how.

    Optimize Your SEO Content

  8. Meet Our New Client, ProSpec, LLC®

    When your services help clients, you’ll have more coming. So we decided to introduce one of our new clients, ProSpec LLC, a project marketing company located in New York as well as Massachusetts. ProSpec LLC represents various manufacturers of world class exterior and interior construction materials.

    Meet Our New Client

  9. Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

    We use the power of infographics to explain everything law firms generally need to do to optimize their social media marketing strategies for maximum ROI. No stone is left unturned as we present a comprehensive guide.

    Social Media Marketing

  10. Faster Page Loading, Faster Website for a Trailblazing 2019!

    Delving deep into all aspects of search engine optimization could make you forget the obvious. So, this is a reminder blog on how important page speed is for better search engine optimization. A page that loads slowly can increase its bounce rate. Readers wouldn’t wait.They’d hit the back button or just close the page. That’s why Google also values page speed as an important factor for ranking web pages. Here’s how to ensure your website is faster.

    Faster Page Loading, Faster Website for a Trailblazing

Search engine optimization is a vast topic, but with these blogs we’ve done more than just scratch the surface, which explains their popularity. Read on to acquire more practical wisdom on SEO and all aspects of online marketing.