Why Google Experimented With Adding Place Names to Title Tags

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SEO is constantly evolving, simply because it involves optimizing for the search engines, which keep introducing updates to their algorithms. That’s why social media optimization services in Long Island always keep tabs on the changes.

Sporadic Reports of Google Adding Place Names to Title Tags

Google seems to be experimenting with adding the name of the city to some of the snippet titles. Search Engine Roundtable reports one webmaster as having mentioned in Twitter that Google added a title tag for her website’s service page. So Google probably reckons that page should have some local intent, which is why it adds the city name to the title tag. The webmaster posted a generic example of what she meant.

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Others have noticed something similar. The webmaster also reported that the particular page’s rankings have slipped in many cities following the core update that was launched recently. She noticed the top 10 results being dominated by localized results.

Why Title Tags Are Important

 We all know the importance of title tags. The title tag does the task of specifying the web page’s title. The title tags are the most prominent part of a search result, the first thing readers see on the search result page listing. Google expects the title tag to be accurate as well as concise in describing the content of the page so readers really know what they’re clicking. It has SEO advantages, because Google recognizes the accuracy of the title tag in deciding whether to place your website listing in the search results for a particular query.

 Adding Place Names to Title Tags

Not all pages of websites deal with local needs or those of a specific community. So their title tags won’t have any specific place name. But pages targeting local customers or those of a particular geographic region will need to mention the place name in the title tag. What’s been noticed now, though, is that Google is adding place names to title tags of even generic pages, probably by assuming those pages appeal to local audiences. It also indicates the importance of having localized pages. As the webmaster has mentioned, localized results are now increasingly dominating search result pages, particularly if they deal with offering some service.

This new title tag modification comes before Google rolls out new snippet controls. As per these new controls, Google Search Liaison tweeted that webmasters will be able to specify the length of the text snippets they wish to be displayed. They would even be able to choose the thumbnail image size and video previews as well.

Long Island website marketing companies keep ensuring they’re on top of any modifications or major updates Google brings about. But it remains to be seen if this was just some minor experimentation by the search engine.