Social Media Marketing Tips 2019: How to Market on Instagram and Pinterest

Social Media Marketing Tips

Little by little, social media was creeping into our lives and has become the focal point of our lives. According to a blogging wizard article, today 7 in 10 Americans use social media, compared to only 5% in 2005. Social media has grown rapidly as a preferred channel for users to stay connected to their communities and for businesses to promote their brands. Social media marketing uses social media platforms to build your brand, improve brand visibility and attract more consumers through building relationships and communicating with potential customers. While Facebook and LinkedIn are being used as networking platforms, Instagram and Pinterest are the two major visual content-based social media platforms that are trending nowadays.

Why Is Visual Search Trending in 2019 Social Media Marketing?

According to an article in SocialMediaToday, the human brain is extremely visual, as 90% of all information received by the brain is visual. Hence, after voice, visual search is the natural evolution of how technology will help consumers find products on the web. 62% of millennials demand visual search over any other new technological capability, and the likes of Google, Amazon, Pinterest and Bing have already developed significant capabilities in this area. Thus, visual searches on Instagram and Pinterest are and would be a breakout trend in 2019.

So, if your business is lacking marketing in social media, it’s high time you adopted some social media marketing tips, especially in visual media such as Instagram and Pinterest. This is because early adopters are surely going to benefit immensely from well-executed marketing on social media platforms that support visual content. The benefits include:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Raise a larger audience
  • Improved communication with your audience
  • Increased website traffic
  • Generate more leads
  • Make more sales and money

These benefits are sure to be a vital component of your overall marketing efforts in social media, especially in Instagram and Pinterest. It will allow you to maximize your brand reach on social media, engage with the right people, and achieve your social media goals.

Instagram, being the second biggest social media network ( has carved its niche as the destination for sharing photos and stories. However, here are some facts that make us understand how you can use it to its potential:

  • Over 500 million Instagram accounts worldwide are active every day
  • 80 percent of accounts follow a business on Instagram
  • Over 500 million accounts use Instagram Stories every day

Instagram allows you to share a wide range of content such as photos, videos, stories, and live videos. It has also recently launched Instagram TV (IGTV) which is the social media platform’s new long-form video sharing service.

Using third-party tools or reliable Long Island SEO services, you can maintain an Instagram business profile. They will provide you with rich analytics of your profile and posts and the ability to schedule Instagram posts.

However, to increase the traffic on your Instagram, check out these genius tips:

  • Promote User-generated Content: If you are marketing a product that has an existing audience, try to use your customer photos or videos with your products. This will help generate marketing content for your brand and will increase credibility.

Encourage your customers to share their content and tag you to be your brand advocates, and as a token of gratitude you could even offer rewards in return. Don’t forget to seek the user’s permission and tag them when you use their content for product promotion.

  • Don’t over-post: This tip is for new Instagram users – over-posting is a big Insta-no-no. For example, posting whole album from Facebook to Insta page. Don’t clog your followers’ feeds and cause them to unsubscribe for life. However, according to a study from CoSchedule, the optimal amount of times for a business to post on Instagram per day is 1-2, no more or less.
  • Add a human touch: It should not always be pictures to get posted on your Insta page; you could introduce contests as it would create a chance for customers to interact with their favorite brands, compete and win free goodies. Moreover, polling and live streaming are also good options to increase your traffic. You can enable voting on your contest pages to collect email addresses for further promotions and your email marketing campaigns.

add human touch


  • Explore IGTV and Instagram Shopping: IGTV is a new app for watching long-form, vertical video from your favorite Instagram creators (such as celebrities, internet personalities etc). While there’s a stand-alone IGTV app, which will allow watching you from within the Instagram app so the entire community of one billion can use it from the very start. The feature is a cross between what YouTube and Snapchat offer.

Another feature, “Instagram shopping” gives your business an enchanting storefront for people to discover your best products. This feature helps you share featured products through your organic posts and Stories, or have people discover your products in Search & Explore.

However, one important tip to keep in mind is that when teaming up with influencers, make sure to pick them based on credibility and not just plan numbers.

explore igtv instagram shopping


  • Use SEO to ‘win’ Instagram: On the increasingly competitive platform, creating an SEO strategy for your Instagram account is essential.

Pinterest was long underrated as more of a social bookmarking tool. But, today it’s a valuable social media platform that offers organic reach and visual content. According to Pinterest, 78 percent of users say that content on Pinterest from brands are useful (much higher than that on other sites), which gives your brand a unique opportunity to shape their purchasing decisions.

So, how can you improve your Pinterest marketing game?

  • Pin consistently more often a day
  • Apply for Rich Pins or a free Pinterest feature for your website or blog, which are intended to add greater detail and information on the pins themselves. There are five types of rich pins – article, product, recipe, movie and place.
  • Write keyword-rich descriptions and boards: According to an article form buffer, the Pinterest team shares 5 keys to what it’s found to be most valuable in writing up the descriptions of your pins. The keys are: useful information, keywords, a couple of longer sentences are allowed, positive sentiment and give the reader something to do. If there’s an action they can take, share the next steps and add a link to somewhere useful.
  • Use multiple images within a pin: Ever noticed some popular posts on Pinterest that seem to be mosaics?

use multiple images within a pin


This multiple-image strategy (seen most in DIY posts and how to guides) is a common yet successful tactic that many have used. You can simply place multiple images together using canva templates which work well for putting together the images, creating a single image that can be pinned.

  • Follow individual boards for specific topics
  • Connect with your other social media platforms: It’s very easy to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to your Pinterest for Business account which will help you get more followers by tapping into the ones you already have on other platforms. Moreover, it will also help spread your content across platforms so more audience would see it.
  • Use a Call-to-Pin: In the same way you use a call-to-action in your ad copy or in Facebook, a call-to-pin will significantly increase the engagement of your pins. In fact, you’ll get 80% more engagement with a CTP.

use a call to pin


However, ignoring the latest tips for effective social media marketing can affect your business, as social media is growing day by day and the tricks used to increase the traffic of a page or product changes with time. So, be very careful and updated while handling social media marketing or you can hand it over to a provider of experienced long island SEO services that provide social media marketing because such reliable services can help you with better, winning marketing strategy.

Remember, social networks are made for conversing with others and if you don’t find, create and make your audience a top priority – you won’t get any results.