Studies Show Marketers Sure of Target but Not the Path to Get There

Studies Show Marketers Sure of Target but Not the Path to Get There

The importance of an experienced Long Island SEO Company for businesses can never be overemphasized, since the competition in the online marketing space is tight.

You would assume most businesses have a dedicated digital marketing team. But there are many that don’t. In any case, various studies have proved that most businesses want to be strong in online marketing and they perceive that to be more important than any kind of conventional marketing.

Study Reveals Businesses Have SEO as Their Top Priority

SEO is a top priority for businesses dealing directly with customers, as was proved by the Yotpo and Magento report of the State of D2C Marketing 2019. Most D2C brands consider SEO as a major acquisition channel.

  • Social media actually was the top priority as an acquisition channel, topping at 61%
  • SEO came second with 51%
  • Direct traffic was only third at 50%
  • Paid search stood at 26%
  • Physical stores only came at 18%

35% of the marketers reckoned web traffic was their main focus.

Brands Want to Set Apart More Resources for Paid Search

While paid search was just fourth in the acquisition channel priority list, brands are willing to spend more on it:

  • 47% of D2C brands revealed they are increasing the money they spend on this, particularly Google Shopping ads
  • 52% of the surveyed businesses revealed they spend more on ads on Facebook, while
  • 49% spend more on ads on Instagram

What’s certain though is that D2C brands are spending more on all areas of digital advertising. But they aren’t focusing much on traditional advertising such as television or radio ads and the print media.

But despite their strong opinions on the various channels of digital marketing they need to focus on, are these businesses quite sure of what content they need to post to reach out to these audiences? Do they even have a strategy in place?

Marketers Just Aren’t Sure of Content to Post and Audience to Target

Recent research by the Content Marketing Institute – as reported by Vennli and Search Engine Journal – on digital marketing reveals that just over half of the marketers surveyed felt that they aren’t providing the right content to target the right audience and also not reaching out to them at the right time. So that begs the question, what are marketers creating content for? What ideas are they using to generate content?

Content Strategy Focused on Internal Requests Leaves out the Target Audience

Search Engine Journal’s Matt Southern suggests that this could be explained at least partly by the fact that marketers generate content on the basis of internal requests rather than strategy. In terms of getting a strategy in place, it is actually better than in 2018, with 60% of marketers developing content strategies this year as contrasted with just 43% developing them in 2018. But not all of those strategies are actually being implemented.

48% of marketers reported to approach content in a “project-focused” manner, which means it isn’t on the basis of what their audience likes to see. Instead it is on the basis of requests from people within the organization. There isn’t any planned strategy followed. In fact, the research shows that only 22% of the marketers were strategizing content on the basis of buyer personas. Marketers who put their content in line with the customer journey only amounted to 15%. Worse, only 10% of the responding marketers were absolutely sure that they delivered the right content.

Are Marketers Walking Along a Blind Alley?

The survey was conducted on 250 marketers at the beginning of 2019. And it seems that most digital marketers are just walking along a blind alley. But with reliable and experienced digital marketing services in Long Island that have industry experts in their team, you can be surer of your strategy.

And it’s important that you have a dedicated marketing team, simply because, as you’ve seen above, it isn’t easy to get the hang of digital marketing. There are more than just the search rankings to think about. To get those top rankings you need to achieve something. You need to get a strategy in place. Such a strategy involves a holistic approach that goes beyond just content posting. The design of your website, its responsiveness, its user-friendliness and the relevance and comprehensiveness of the content on its pages are super-important as well. For ecommerce sites, the arrangement of products and their descriptions, and the ease of getting to the product that the user is looking for matters.

And that isn’t always easy for business owners who have a lot of stuff regarding their core expertise to be preoccupied with. Long Island website marketing companies with a dedicated internet marketing team with heaps of experience could be just what they need to reach out to their target audience, increase conversion chances and improve their ROI.