Quick Tips to Deal with Fake Negative Reviews about Your Business

Tips to Deal with Fake Negative Reviews about Your Business

Customer reviews are becoming increasingly important for search engine optimization. Customer reviews are not new, and for many decades now businesses have used client feedback to serve their customers more effectively. Customers are the key to a successful business and genuine reviews help to build credibility and trust among your audience. Customers ’purchase decision depends to a great extent on online reviews of the product or service. Therefore, marketers try to utilize online review aggregator platforms to get the maximum number of reviews they can. With access to the Internet, customers can share their opinion easily. A positive review creates a good impression about your business while at the same time a negative review can bring down your business. Therefore, it is important for every established company to carefully track their reviews and also take measures to cut down negative reviews. Negative reviews can affect your business and your customers. A company providing SEO services in Long Island could support you in removing such damaging reviews and manage your reputation.

Customer reviews have come a long way from simple word-of-mouth recommendations to published online assessments dissecting your product. Through social media and customer review sites, customers share their best and worst experiences about a brand. One negative review could lead to a loss of nearly a quarter of all potential customers. Fake negative reviews have become a major concern now and many businesses battle with this issue. What are fake reviews? These include false statements or accusations against you, usually created by competitors attempting to damage your brand and reputation, or people who may have never interacted with your business, or your former employees or business partners who may have something against you.

Consumer studies have found that:

  • 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation
  • Last year 79 percent of consumers read a fake review, but 84 percent can’t always spot them
  • 94 percent were convinced by an online review to avoid the business

So, it is important to take the time to weed out fake reviews before they can harm your business. You should also report the fake review.

Identifying fake reviews

  • Use of vicious review tone: A genuine review, even a negative one, will usually use more moderate language and not a vicious tone.
  • General criticisms: Authentic reviews are those that provide specific information about the writer’s experience with a business whereas fake reviews are vague and lack clarity.
  • Favoring competitors: Some people post highly inflated positive reviews on the profile of one of your competitors and very bad fake negative review about your business. This could be a tell-tale sign that the reviewer is connected to the competitor.
  • Bogus reviews: Sometime you may get multiple positive reviews over a very brief span of time which is a sure sign of a bogus reviewer looking to create promotional buzz.
  • Not your customer: If the reviewer’s name is not there in your customer database, it means he/she has not bought anything from you. It is very probable that the review is a fake one.
  • The review mentions products/services that are not yours: In such a case, the reviewer has mistaken you for another brand.
  • There are no details or clarification about the reviewer’s personal experience: This is a sign that the review is fake because obviously the person has no first-hand experience regarding your service or product and has posted the review to malign you.
  • The review contains wrong information.

Responding to fake reviews

It is very infuriating that you work hard to build and expand your business and somebody tries to destroy your business with fake negative reviews. But it is important to be calm and collected while replying to these reviews. Always remember one infuriated response from your side can jeopardize your business. Here are some tips on how to respond to fake reviews:

  • Maintain a professional image, and a restrained tone when responding.
  • Share the problem with your followers. So, make sure to be transparent about any issues and get things out in the open.
  • After responding, minimize any potential damage by burying the fake review under a bunch of great ones.
  • Make sure that you do not respond negatively to anyone.
  • Ensure that you thank your reviewers for their feedback and helping you know the areas where your service or product can be improved.
  • Accept your mistakes, but make sure that you don’t hold yourself responsible for faults that are not yours.
  • Respond promptly. This will put across the idea that you care about your customer’s experience and strive to meet customer expectations.

responding to fake reviews

Online reviews greatly influence customers’ buying decision process and so companies should ensure that they have positive reviews on popular review sites. Optimizing your website is important to drive more network traffic to your site. This can be made easy with the help of a provider offering digital marketing in Long Island. Reputable and experienced SEO companies in Long Island have trained and professional reputation management personnel who will effectively monitor your reputation, deal with any fake negative reviews of your business and remove them before they can cause damage.