Understand The Significance of E-A-T in SEO for Better Ranking


Each year, Google changes its algorithm many times to provide the best and relevant search results for its users. Along with algorithm changes, ranking factors of SEO also change. This means that Google is getting better at finding truly relevant content; it’s also getting harder to manipulate Google with black-hat and gray-hat SEO tactics. Search engine optimization is a simple technique by which websites get to the upper rank of the search engine result pages. Optimize your website with the help of a SEO Company in New York so that Google and other search engines will rank you at the top. It is vital to stick to the latest SEO trends for better search engine ranking and E-A-T is one of the important ranking factors for the year 2021.

E-A-T which means Expertise, Authority and Trust are the three things you should know about, and which Google uses to determine the legitimacy and ranking power of your website. These three aspects are individually important, and excelling in all of it will help your website rank higher and also have a strong customer base.

Let us analyse each of these three aspects in detail.

  • Expertise: When users visit your website, they are always in search of a solution to their problem. They expect your website to display competency in your field. For example, if you are a florist, users are not going to trust you just on the basis of your knowledge about different flowers. Your website will be evaluated based on how good you are in this field like the different ranges of flowers you offer, your experience in this field, and the unique services that you provide when compared to your competitors.
  • Authority: The authority of your website is all about the credentials that you have. It is about the reputation you enjoy among the experts and the influencers in the industry. The authority comes from the sources of information about a topic i.e. the content that you have on your website. To evaluate authority, the raters look for insights into the reputation of the website. For example, the authoritative source of lyrics to Coldplay songs is their official website.
  • Trust: Trust is the third important aspect and Google will put you in good ranking only if they believe that your users trust you. It is all about transparency, legitimacy and accuracy of the website. User are good at finding out hype and clickbait. If customers find any exaggerations or other questionable material on your site, you are likely to lose trust with them. So, trustworthy content with content accuracy that has the correct source of information is important.

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Is EAT a Ranking Factor?

Google provides a proper set of guidelines that explains to the site owners how important it is to have EAT. EAT begins with YMYL (Your Money Your Life). YMYL sites are those sites that can make an impact on an individual’s happiness, health, financial stability, or safety and many websites come under this category. It also shows that Google gives importance to the well-being of users, and so it is important to have good EAT standards. Significance of EAT is also reflected in Google’s recent algorithm update when good content was replaced in many instances with good EAT. This means that having good EAT automatically results in good content and the creator of the content has to exhibit the qualities that Google is looking for to provide users with the best possible experience. This new change has suddenly shaken many sites’ SEO. It also ensures that bad content doesn’t make it to SERPs.

Tips to Increase EAT Signals

  • Audit to Brand: Evaluate your branding, and the best place to begin is with surveying current customers. This will help you understand the customer’s perspective of the brand. You can also seek the assistance of SEO professionals to ensure proper auditing of your brand.
  • Audit your Content: There will be content on your website that does not suit your current expertise. So, go through each of the content that you have published and verify whether it meets the standards that you have set. Make sure that you have authorial information and improve your SERP ranking.
  • Minimize your Low EAT Content: If EAT content is not helping your website, then do not waste time because it can take up visual space and lower your ranking. This strategy is also called ROT analysis – Redundant, Outdated, Trivial content.
  • Seek Professional Help: You can reach out to SEO professionals who can help you with optimizing your website, creating content, basic SEO strategy and the audits. Getting help from experts allows businesses to maintain a strong online presence.

An SEO Company in New York could help you gain traffic, earn more leads and conversions for your business. They will implement white hat SEO techniques and increase the page rank for your website so that you receive increased organic search traffic.

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