What Are Some Examples Of A Call To Action On A Website?

Call To Action

A call to action or CTA refers to a short piece of content in text or button that directs online visitors to take desired actions such as – click a link, subscribe a newsletter, buy a product or any. Businesses can work with an experienced search engine optimization company in Long Island, NY to implement effective SEO strategies to improve their online presence and get more targeted traffic. CTAs are the simplest and the first step to get customers.

CTAs often appear as a pop-up box, banner, or call-to-action button on a website. They helps a business to drive a variety of different actions depending on their goals:

  • convert a visitor into a lead
  • engage customers
  • build a customer base
  • capture sales, and
  • turn web visitors into paying customers

Without a clear CTA, website visitors may not know what steps to take next. Consider including CTAs not only in web pages, but also landing pages, email campaigns, social media posts, Google ads and more.


Commonly used call-to-action phrases include – “Read More”, “Contact Us”, “Talk to Us”, and “Join Us”. A simple, but effective and powerful CTA can work magic on your website. However, what matters is clear communication and placing the right CTAs on the right pages.


The right CTA phrases are brief and use strong verbs. Businesses need to create multiple types of CTAs to serve different audiences and their goals. They speak directly to the user.

key tips call of action

There are many different types of CTAs websites can use. Let us check out some examples.

eCommerce CTAs

ecommerce ctas

Calls to action shouldn’t be too delicate, especially for ecommerce websites. So, make them big enough to catch the attention of shoppers. Online stores often use CTAs such as – Add to cart, Buy now, Checkout, Add to wishlist etc. It makes sense for them to be the largest button on the page, to help it stand out from the background and underline its importance.


Image Source

These CTAs from Earth Hero prompts shoppers to make their purchase and benefit from free shipping, free returns, 10% off on purchase and more.

sliding button

This powerful sliding button is particularly for eco-shoppers.

Referral Program CTAs

Referral program CTAs are used by businesses to target their happy customers and have them tell their friends and family about the products they bought or services enjoyed, which is similar to word of mouth marketing. Consider creating a referral marketing strategy that offers incentives to existing customers who refer your brand. References from previous customers can increase customer retention and bring in new customers who are more likely to make a purchase than just enquire.

Here’s a best example for referral CTA –



This is an attractive offer from Wool Overs for those ready to refer their friends to purchase from the brand. Instead of just using a “Refer a Friend” button, the company recommends introducing friends to them so that both will get 20% off on purchase.

Social Sharing CTAs

social sharing

Social sharing CTAs may include icons that link to social media pages, social shares on the sidebar of posts or in-line sharing CTAs. Social buttons on the sidebar of blog posts or landing pages can promote sharing and increase the chances for visitors, leads, and customers to engage with your brand.
This is how we engage our customers.

Event Promotion

Businesses conducting an event – online or in person – should prompt people to attend them. Event promotion CTAs can raise awareness of the event and help drive ticket sales. These CTAs can be placed either on the dashboard, in the blog sidebar, services page or anywhere it suits.

events virtual

Image source

CTA buttons on the AAPC website such as ‘Register Now’ and ‘Book now’ are very concise and direct and work well with the target audience.

Another header button is a countdown for the number of days left to order ICD-10 Updates.

Lead Generation/Nurturing

CTAs are important to generate leads and get high traffic on web pages. These CTAs can be added in the middle of the content, end of the post or any.

Here is the CTA added to our recent blog “Best SEO Tools For Keyword Ranking Reports”.

You can also add offers such as free trials, free quotes and social posts wherever suitable. Effective CTAs can turn your visitors into leads.

free trials


This is the CTA added in MedResponsive site’s content writing services page.

writing service page

This is a banner ad on the website of Outsource Strategies International (OSI), a medical billing company based in the United States.

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CTAs are influential and important elements on a website. It’s necessary to create compelling copy based on the most relevant keywords and implement the right CTAs for your marketing campaign. Even using the right CTA button colors matter.

If you are still unsure about how to create the right CTAs for your business, consider getting expert help. An experienced SEO company can help you customize each page of your website with compelling CTAs and other strategies to generate more traffic.