What Are the Major Aspects to Be Monitored in an SEO Audit?

SEO Audit

Monitoring ongoing website updates is very important. It is better to keep track of whatever changes you make, because if you have made any changes that could have disastrous consequences later, an audit or review will help you figure out what is happening exactly. It is a good decision to approach a search engine optimization company in New York if you decide to make any changes in your website; they will track all the changes that have been made and help you efficiently if any issues arise.

It is very important to monitor the following major aspects during an SEO audit.

  • Site uptime: It is good to identify site uptime issues in an SEO audit, because it will help determine problems with the server. If you own the website, having a tool like Uptime Robot is a good idea, it can email you every time it identifies the site as being down.
  • Server location: To determine the location relevance and geolocation, identifying the server location is an ideal check.

    How to check: iplocation.net or Site24x7 are the tools you can use to help you identify the physical location of the server for a particular domain.





  • Terms of Service and Privacy Pages: You can use Screaming Frog’s (one of the SEO audit tools) search function on its right side to identify Terms of Service and Privacy Pages showing up in your Screaming Frog crawl.

    privacy pages

    If they are not present on the crawl, you have to check on the site, to ensure that they are actually present.

  • Duplicate meta information on-site: Another use of Screaming Frog is, you can use it to discover duplicate meta information on-site.

    What to check: Click on the meta-description tab after the crawl. If you click Page Titles Tab, you can also check for duplicate titles. In addition to this, this information is well-seen and can be filtered in the Excel report.

    privacy pages

  • Breadcrumb Navigation: Depending on the site, breadcrumb navigation can be easy or complicated. When a developer does his job correctly, the breadcrumb navigation is easily identifiable, usually with a comment indicating the navigation is a breadcrumb menu. In these cases, you can create a custom extraction that will assist you to crawl and extract all of the breadcrumb navigation on the site.

    bradcrumb navigation

    How to check: Click on Configuration > Custom >Extraction to bring up the extraction menu. Customize the settings and arrange your extraction in an appropriate place. It will assist you to identify all of the breadcrumb navigation on the site.

  • Mobile-optimized: For brand new websites, Google has moved to mobile-first indexing by default as of May 2019. So, it is very important to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile.

    How to check: You can use Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool to know whether your site is optimized for mobile or not.

    mobile friendly testing
  • Site Usability: Usability is important to get right among your users. The simpler a website is to use, the better. To detect what is really happening on your site when a user uses it, there are user-testing services available for you.

    How to check: You can use a service like UserTesting.com to check how users are really using your website. This will provide you invaluable information that can be used to identify the weaknesses of your site.


    Heatmaps are also an invaluable tool that shows you where your users click the most. Using heatmaps may surprise you, because you can see users might click where you aren’t considering they are. Crazy Egg is an important heatmap testing functionality.

  • Use of Google Analytics & Google Search Console: When Google Analytics is installed, it shows up analytics ID (UI-#####) at that time. In addition to that, Google Search Console has its own signature coding.

    How to check: It is possible to create a custom extraction for these lines of code using Screaming Frog, and you are able to identify all the pages that contain proper Google Analytics installs on your site. Click on Configuration > Custom > Extraction, and use the right CSSPath, XPath or Regex to find out which pages have Google Analytics installed.

    For Google Search Console, it can be as easy as logging into the GSC account of the owner of the domain and identifying whether the site has access.

  • Backlink Factors: It has now become a necessity to make a natural link profile that is healthy and free from bad hyperlinks. Unfortunately, bad hyperlinks are unavoidable in today’s web economic system. The key is to ensure that they don’t turn out to be a major part of your hyperlink profile. Things will turn out to be much more problematic when a competitor decides they want to hit you with a negative SEO brute-force dangerous hyperlink attack in an effort to cause Penguin to algorithmically devalue your website.

    It is necessary to have an ongoing hyperlink examination and pruning schedule, since Penguin has turned out to be an essential part of Google’s algorithm.

    It helps you to identify the potential hyperlinks that have the capacity to harm you before they cause trouble or before any significant issue arises because of their linking to your site.

    Factors that you can check using a link profile audit include:

    • # of linking root domains.
    • # of hyperlinks from separate C-class IPs.
    • # of linking pages.
    • Alt textual content (for image links)
    • Links from .EDU & .GOV domains.
    • Authority of linking domain.
    • Links from competitors.
    • Links from dangerous neighborhoods.
    • Diversity of hyperlink varieties.
    • Backlink anchor text.
    • No-follow hyperlinks.
    • Excessive 301 redirects to webpage.
    • Link location in content.
    • Link location on page.
    • Link domain relevancy.

    How to check: It is possible to get some at-a-glance identification of the issues surrounding your hyperlink profile pretty much fast using Majestic SEO.

    For instance, have a look at ABC7.com’s hyperlink profile:

    link profile

    You can see a healthy link profile at greater than 1 million backlinks coming from greater than 20,000 referring domains. Referring IPs cap out at more than 14,000 and referring subnets are at around 9700.

    This chart of backlink history will give you a good idea about hyperlink velocity and acquisition factors over the past 90 days. Here you are able to start to see more in-depth data points about ABC7’s hyperlink profile.

    When you utilize the in-depth report on Majestic, it is possible to get every possible backlink.

    anchor text

Ongoing website updates can cause major issues to come, so regularly monitoring your website updates is necessary. Remember to track all the changes like new content, technical changes etc that you have made to your website either like Emails or ongoing spreadsheet tracking. It is good to approach SEO professionals in a search engine optimization company in New York to get the best assistance if you have decided to update your website.