Why Coordinating SEO and PPC Strategies Can Give Results

Why Coordinating SEO and PPC Strategies Can Give Results

One of the strategies Long Island website marketing companies employ is combining SEO and PPC campaigns for the maximum gains in terms of traffic, conversions and brand building for their clients.

Why SEO and PPC Complement Each Other

Most successful digital marketing campaigns combine SEO with PPC. They both have their benefits. However, PPC or paid search is always seen as being contradictory to SEO or organic search. They just are two different aspects. But you can make them work together. They can actually complement each other.

A well set-up PPC campaign can be really beneficial for SEO. A paid search campaign involves keyword research, as part of which there is a great deal of data collected that can help create a successful SEO strategy. Likewise, data gathered for an SEO campaign can vastly benefit setting up a PPC campaign. Basically, it’s the same keywords that form the building blocks for both campaigns. The SERPs are the same, and it’s the same search engine we are talking about in both cases.

Twice the Data at Your Disposal

You may be quite familiar with the basics of organic search and paid search, but let’s just go through them again. While SEO targets organic results, PPC has keywords targeted to generate adverts. When you run both organic SEO and PPC campaigns together, you have twice the amount of data for analysis. You can easily determine the keywords, both PPC and organic, which have the largest conversion rate. With that information, your overall strategy can be optimized.

You can analyze the PPC ads that provide the most conversions, which can help you decide on the title tags to create, and the page content and meta descriptions for your web pages. And when you use PPC ads for testing page attributes, you can immediately figure out what works. On the other hand, if you were testing meta data and titles organically you would need a lot of time to check the results.

You’re More Conspicuous on the SERPs

Of course, when you combine SEO and PPC, your exposure level on the SERPs is much greater. Not only do you appear on the organic results, but also as ads on the SERPs. In fact, PPC ads appear right at the top in many SERPs. So when your ad shows up right at the top in the SERP for a broad range of keywords along with your organic result in the top rankings, the user gets the feeling that your company is a well respected concern with a good reputation. And it prompts more users to click either your ad or your organic listing. Ultimately your website experiences more traffic, whether the channel through which it comes is paid or organic search.

Ideas to Sharpen Your Page and Blog Content

And PPC ad content can give you ideas to adopt for your organic content, since it is easy to see which of your PPC ads are really being clicked on and are drawing in traffic. The content of those ads can give you ideas for your organic site content.

Since content is so important for SEO, success depends on strong content in your website pages. That gives positive rankings and generates links, traffic and eventually conversions. You can refer your successful paid ads to come with the right content for your web pages and blogs – content that your audience looks for and can connect with. Replicating the tone you adopt in your successful paid ads in your organic content could bring about better results.

You Can be More Specific and Targeted with PPC

What AdWords does, is help you run ads that are quite specific in terms of their messaging, landing page elements, and link titles. The same can’t be said for organic search though, since it is ultimately the search engine’s discretion on showing a particular page from your site for a particular search phrase or keyword though you can take the required steps to ensure the appropriate matches happen.

Tackling Negative Reputation

Combining PPC and organic SEO also has other advantages, particularly in dealing with negative reputation. Negative reputation could spread offline and online, particularly in the social media circles. And when that happens, you can obviously deal with it in many ways. You can respond to negative social media comments in a positive manner or respond directly by email to each of your customers. But all these processes take time.

With a PPC ad campaign plus organic SEO, you can direct the visibility of your audience to what you wish to focus on. You can target the very aspects that form the basis of the negative reputation, and which people are searching for as a result. So whenever anyone searches for those negative aspects, they’ll get your version of them.

Brand Building

Combining both strategies can massively contribute to brand building. Using PPC-based keywords can ensure the most ad-copy conversions.

Facilitating E-commerce

This strategy also helps in integrating e-commerce into your AdWords results. Your PPC ads can be made to link to your product pages, so that users clicking on the ad would directly be taken to the page of the particular product. The user can directly make a purchase. Of course, the content of the PPC ad is extremely important here and it should ideally depict the product and reviews.

Improve Visibility in the Social Networks

Combining SEO and PPC can also improve your social media visibility. Social networks such as Facebook have user profile data that can enable you to target ads to a remarkably focused user group. Ad targeting can become a lot more precise. The user profile details you gather from your social networking campaigns can also help you sharpen your SEO strategy.

Draw Back Old Customers

Finally, combining SEO and PPC can help you in remarketing. Through ads portraying rewards or discounts, you can attract past customers again and draw them from your competitors.

An experienced SEO company in Long Island would be able to coordinate PPC and organic SEO in a seamless manner to deliver the right results.