Why Internal and External Linking are Important in SEO


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When creating a website for your business, you should focus not only on its design but also on ensuring quality content. Experts providing content writing services in New York can provide you with high-quality content and also help you to include relevant internal links and external links within your site. Internal and external linking are the best strategies to improve your site’s visibility, traffic and ranking. Let’s see how internal and external links are important for SEO.

Internal Links

An internal link is a link that direct users to another page on your website. It helps connect your content and gives search engines a good idea about your site’s structure. It can help establish a hierarchy on your site by giving important pages and posts more value than others. The more value a page has, the more important it is to Google.

Benefits of Internal links:

  • They improve the possibility of ranking other pages on your website as it can lead more users to read more than one article on your site
  • They help readers navigate through your website easily
  • They help drive organic traffic to your site, making it easier for search engines to evaluate an article if it contains relevant internal links
  • When a user visits more than one page, it increases engagement and lowers the bounce rate and your article will see better ranking in the SERPs.

Good internal links are good for SEO, but keep in mind that overcrowding your site with hundreds of poor internal links will hurt your site and may even lead search engines to penalize it.

internal links

External Links

External links are links that direct to external sources and domains from your website. External links are considered an important element in ranking power as different websites carry different weights or domain authority. Domain authority (DA) is the number of relevant backlinks your site has. Relevant backlinks also add to your score. You don’t want customers to click on the links that direct them away from your website. Linking to trustworthy website materials will also help you appear an authority in your niche and help Google figure out the type of content you have for SEO purposes. Backlinking is when other websites link to your website because of the useful content you have provided. These links are an important ranking factor in Google’s algorithm.

Benefits of External Links:

  • When you link to other sites, they see that and they are likely to return the favor by linking to your site in their content.
  • Getting links from other websites can increase your ranking.
  • External linking is more valuable if it links to popular and relevant pages that are ranked highly and related to your page’s content.
  • Adding high-quality links to your pages shows the quality of your site and helps improve the credibility of your website.

External links help search engines understand your website’s relevance for a specific query. Whenever you link to other sites, that site will see that you are linking to them and they may return the favor by linking back to your website. Such links are a great source of free traffic to your website and a critical ranking element in Google’s search engine algorithm. As a part of your link building strategy, you need to have external links to your site and build backlinks (inbound links) to increase your site’s overall authority.

Dofollow and Nofollow: These are two types of external links. A dofollow link tells the search engine to follow the link and the site associated with it, creating what is referred to as link juice (how much power a backlink passes onto a site and strengthens it).

A nofollow link brings referral traffic to your page, but it carries little to no value in the eyes of search engines. If a site is worried about the overuse of external links and wants to avoid a penalty, these links are used as a part of its SEO strategy. This practice typically used for high-authority sites that tend to have a lot of external links. However, do not use a nofollow link as part of your internal links.

Managing and Optimizing the Page Links on your Site: There is a link report for external links and internal links within Google Search Console. There are reports for different types of links. You can see the top linked pages from external sites and the total number of links each page has within your website.

page links

Improving your SEO Strategy with link Management: There many factors that should be taken into account when search engines like Google have the power to determine ranking factors and site visibility. Internal and external links are important elements in a powerful SEO strategy and help improve SEO ranking. Though it may take time to master in the link building process, the effort will be worth it. It will improve your website’s rank on the SERPs and help it attract more traffic.

Internal links and external links can boost your SEO quite significantly. An SEO company providing content writing services in New York can ensure high quality content and also help you build a proper linking strategy to improve your chances of ranking highly for your target search terms.

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