Why Setting up Ad Groups and Keywords for PPC Is Important

Why Setting up Ad Groups and Keywords for PPC

In our previous blog we saw the importance of pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and their importance for search engine optimization in Long Island or any place for that matter. As we mentioned, we’re focusing on ad groups and keywords in this blog.

When it comes to PPC ads, keywords and ad groups form the backbone of any campaign. They are essential for improving the Google AdWords quality score. The quality score indicates that your ad is doing well in terms of visibility and relevance. You won’t be wasting time or money using ads that don’t perform.

What Are Ad Groups and How They Are Important

Why are ad groups important? Ad groups are a way of focusing your ads on target audiences looking for certain specific aspects of your business. With ad groups, you have certain ads that target users searching for a specific service of your business.

For example, let’s say you sell leather goods. You’ve got various leather products on sale. Not everyone will be looking for every product you offer. Some would want leather shoes, others bags, still others belts or hats or any other stuff like that. You want to have dedicated ads for shoes, bags, accessories, etc so that people searching for those kinds of stuff can see your ads. Ad groups make your PPC campaign more relevant by having targeted ads, which helps improve your quality score. You can have multiple keywords and variations of a keyword for each group.

Targeted Ad Groups Based on Keywords Selected

Campaigns can be structured into targeted ad groups. These groups should be set up on the basis of the keywords you select. You can have many ad groups, as long as you have relevant keywords for them. Though you can have many keywords and keyword variations for each ad group, ensure that they are at a manageable level and not too many. When we say keyword variations, it also includes singular or plural versions of a keyword.

Keyword Research

To do efficient keyword research, you need to focus on your landing pages which your ads will link to. You need to use keyword research tools to get an idea of the search terms people use when they look for the kind of services you offer. The content of your landing pages should be really informative so that you can collect quite a comprehensive keyword list specifically relating to the products and services you offer and what you found out in the keyword research tools. You can categorize keywords into brand terms that contain the name of your brand or trademarked stuff, generic terms, related terms as well as competitor terms that contain the brand names of your competitors.

Classifying Keywords for Ad Groups

To set up ad groups, what you need to do is examine the keyword list you’ve gathered from AdWords and other sources and then classify them into groups on the basis of themes they represent. As in the example we mentioned earlier, classify keywords on the basis of the main divisions of the product or service categories you offer. That enables you to keep your ad groups focused. And when classifying keywords, make sure that you also prepare a list of negative keywords.

Setting up Negative Keywords

Why are negative keywords important? It’s because you can use them to tell Google Ads not to show your ads when someone searches with any of those keywords. This makes your PPC campaign highly targeted. You don’t need your ads to show up for keywords related to services you don’t offer. The more targeted your PPC campaigns are, the more efficient and higher their quality score is.

Remember, methodical planning and effective organization of your PPC account are essential to earn a great Quality Score while also being more efficient by raising your click-through rate (CTR). It doesn’t hurt to take the time and plan your strategy and campaigns, including the ad groups and keywords. These are aspects that Long Island search engine marketing services offer.

As much as ad groups and keywords are important, landing page optimization and ad content are essential for your ads to improve CTR and reduce costs. We’ll deal with these aspects in our next blog.