Without SEO Increase Your Traffic (Before 2021 Without SEO)


Webmasters and SEO professionals are always keen to get high traffic to their websites, but the goal of all traffic is increased earnings. You want conversions to happen – those people who enter your website must eventually perform the call to action. But an experienced NYC SEO company looks beyond just traffic.

If you have heightened traffic visiting your site without signing up for your products or services or any other desired call to action, you don’t have any benefit from the increased traffic.

Why Any Traffic Isn’t Good for Internet Marketing

Sometimes, increased traffic can also equate with high bounce rate. That really isn’t good, because the traffic that’s coming in is not from the audience you target. This could be because the people who really need the kind of services you offer aren’t finding your site or, even if they find it, aren’t satisfied with the information on offer or find the interface confusing.

The most probable reason is that unintended audiences are visiting your site. Your website isn’t getting to people who need it. You need targeted traffic to your website. There are ways to do it and, surprisingly, you don’t need SEO strategies to help you here. Social media and Google Analytics can help you here.

How Social Media Marketing Can Help

Posting actively in the relevant social networks can help you gauge audience reaction. How do people react to the content you post? What kind of audience reacts to your posts? That can show you whether you are really able to attract the people you target. Do you need to make changes to your content? You can make any changes in your social network posts and see how they affect audience reaction. Then you can make appropriate changes to your website content. With tools such as Jarvee, you can automate social network posting by scheduling posts.

Increasing Your Follower Count

Look to increase your followers. This involves following likeminded people and commenting on their relevant posts. Here too, Jarvee can help. Jarvee can enable you to target the right kind of audience to get followers from. It also helps you to set time intervals for the number of followers you wish to add every day. You can also set the kind of messages you want to send. It is important that you know the kind of messaging that’s best for the audience group you’re targeting.

The Right Kind of Messaging

It is important to know what kind of messaging is more relevant. With Jarvee, you can set up various kinds of direct messages to be sent to people who have followed you back. This will give you pointers on the best way to send messages or even create posts.

  1. Come up with 2 goals that must be accomplished and why social media is the best platform to use.
  2. Once you have that in place, you can now come up with 3 messages that will satisfy those 2 objectives.
  3. Test those 3 messages to see which gets you the most replies.
  4. Next, finally test which gender responds the best to those 3 messages.

Understanding what gender reacts to a specific type of message can help you plan your strategy accordingly. It gives you much greater clarity on your target audience.

Tracking Behavior Flow

Another cool way to track your visitors of course would be Google Analytics behavior flow.

behavior flow

This bad boy will help you see exactly where people drop off from your content. You also get to see where visitors go when they enter your site, say from the homepage, blog content, or even a sales page. Here’s how to locate behavior flow.

Locating Behavior Flow

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account
  2. Open the analytics for your site
  3. Locate Behavior


  4. When you click Behavior, a dropdown menu will appear.

    behavior dropdown menu

  5. Look for behavior flow and voila.


Once you check through the areas where your visitors gravitate to or where they drop off, use what you’ve just found and create 2 categories:

  1. What pages or blogs are a high number of visitors visiting
  2. What pages or blogs reveal a high percentage of drop offs

Just from these questions, you can alter your message to fit what your audience behavior is.

These features can help you draw genuine visitors from your social media pages, while also making any required changes to your website content to ensure that the people who visit actually end up making a sale or performing any call to action that will increase your ROI and earnings.