YouTube Rolls Out 5 New Insights For Video Creators

Do you want to deliver your content to a larger audience? Then consider YouTube. This online video-sharing platform provides a number of features and insights that make it easy for video creators to create great YouTube content, and gather an audience. While the platform gets updated with new features from time to time, recently, the company rolled out five new insights for video creators. These new features offer more viewer insights, as well as greater control over ads and video chapters. We provide digital marketing services in Long Island and keep abreast with such new updates; and, we can help grow your channel through effective digital marketing campaigns.

YouTube Video Creators

YouTube video creators are those who are passionate, socially connected, and excel at building authentic person-to-person connections, because according to YouTube, they are approachable and a constant presence in their viewers’ lives. They produce content – over a variety of categories, scopes, and styles – that reaches audiences on the YouTube platform. However, to offer more viewer insights, as well as greater control over ads and video chapters, the company added five new insights for video creators. Those new insights are:

  • AdSense Blocking Controls: YouTube offers AdSense blocking controls to video creators – who are eligible to run ads – as it is the way creators indicate which specific ads, or types of ads, they don’t want to appear on their channel.

    However, it’s important to choose the right blocking control while blocking ads, because it can have a negative effect on your earnings if the right control that matches your ad blocking requirements is not used. Google recommends creators to start with the control that blocks the fewest ads first.

    Previously, this feature was available to channels in the YouTube Partner Program only, but today, multi-channel affiliate networks (MCNs) are being given access to AdSense blocking controls, that can make editorial decisions about the types of ads that serve on their channel.
  • Auto Chapters Bulk Edit: The company recently launched auto chapters for newly uploaded videos on the platform, which have received positive reactions so far. To all existing videos of a video creator on the platform, YouTube is now expanding auto chapters and as before, creators are automatically opted into this.

    But then, YouTube now understands that not everybody may want this feature to be enabled. So, for those who don’t want to enable this feature on their channel, the company is now allowing creators to easily bulk edit chapters which are now automatically added (if turned on) by YouTube.

How to do it

The new feature makes it easier for creators to edit a large number of videos at the same time, by adding the option to allow or disallow chapters via bulk editing in the upload list. Creators can also turn off chapters in the upload flow or metadata editor, or for all future uploads in the uploads defaults.

However, keep in mind that even if automatic chapters are allowed on all videos – depending upon whether the algorithm can detect chapters and determine if they’re a good fit for the content itself – they’re only going to show on a small number of them.

NOTE: Video creators can manually add their own chapters as well.

  • Evergreen Video Insights: This feature otherwise known as videos that have been popular with your audience for a long period of time, gives creators access to insights for evergreen videos. In August 2021, YouTube was testing this new element, evergreen video insights, in studio analysis. It provided specific insight into how a creator’s older videos are contributing to channel growth and helps in assisting in their planning.

    channel analytics
    Image Source: SocialMediaToday

    Though first introduced as an experiment to help creators improve their monthly channel performance analysis, this new feature gained positive response from those in the test group. This made YouTube roll out the feature to all video creators.

  • Trending Hashtags: Used by millions of users across all the social platforms, hashtags have become a must-have asset that go in hand with every social media post, and YouTube is no exception. If you don’t want to miss out on views and engagement, want to boost brand awareness and improve your chances of getting your video content noticed, then you may have to add hashtags to your video content. However, recently, to help audiences view currently popular videos, and to raise awareness of hashtags in general, YouTube recently launched trending hashtags in the explore section. For video creators, these hashtags can also be a useful source of data for identifying what’s currently trending on YouTube and this insight could guide the direction of future videos.

    Available only to US mobile users, this YouTube feature identifies and displays hashtags that are seeing the fastest growth among users, and get displayed across various categories such as movies, gaming, and sports.
  • Yellow Icons: This is another update for creators in the YouTube Partner Program as YouTube is rolling out the ability for video creators to appeal yellow icons via the studio mobile app, instead of solely via desktop. All creators in the YouTube Partner Program will have access to this feature.

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