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    MedResponsive Terms of Service and Disclaimer

    MedResponsive is a Long Island, NY-based healthcare digital marketing agency dedicated to providing search engine optimization (SEO) solutions and cutting-edge digital strategies to help businesses succeed. We apply industry best practices and legitimate techniques to provide our clients with the best results. We maintain an honest and transparent relationship with anyone we contract with. Our disclaimer clarifies key aspects of SEO in general and our Terms of Service and applies to any party who signs up for our services.

    • The team at MedResponsive keeps track of SEO best practices and guidelines issued by search engines to help clients achieve high ranking website pages.
    • We work with our clients to set realistic SEO goals and determine the onpage and offpage SEO strategies that will help them achieve their target. Our services include: keyword research, meta tag optimization, link optimization, image optimization, social media optimization (SMO), XML sitemap creation, link buillding, PPC marketing, and more.
    • MedResponsive is not responsible for the actions of search engines. We offer no guarantee of number 1 ranking or consistent top ranking for any keyword.
    • A new website may get a temporary 'new site boost' in the search engine results pages (SERPs), but it will finally settle down in its natural position.
    • SEO is an ongoing process as the market, the competition, and search engine rules are constantly changing and evolving. If SEO is stopped, rankings may drop over time.
    • While MedResponsive will work consistently to improve theclient company‚Äôs search engine rankings, SEO is a time-consuming process and it can take from 4 to 6 months to see results.
    • SEO rankings can change any time and any day due to factors beyond our control such as periodic changes in search engine algorithms, competitor tactics, and other aspects.
    • MedResponsive cannot be held liable for SEO issues resulting from site, host or server issues, loss of date, improper backup, 404 issues, and other issues.
    • MedResponsive offers medical website development and medical mobile app development services. If the client requests the use of specific stock images, photos, videos or other media for SEO or website design purposes, the client is solely responsible for all the terms, copyrights, and licensing agreements associated with the use of such media.
    • MedResponsive is not responsible for any drop in SERP rankings due to changes made knowingly or inadvertently by the client, such as: making changes on an optimized page; renaming, relocating, adding or removing any file, folder or sub domain on a web server, changing the title tag or other website authentication protocols; adding, removing or modifying content; changes in site architecture and/or anchor text, and more. Project timeliness, end results, and client expenses can be affected as a result of these changes made by the client without prior consultation/knowledge of MedResponsive.
    • SEO results and project timeliness can be impacted by factors such as prolonged server downtime, failure of the client to respond to SEO queries on time or make changes on website as advised by MedResponsive, and delays in providing documents, authorization, or support for SEO purposes.