Difference Between SEO Content Writing vs. Copywriting

Difference Between SEO Content Writing vs. Copywriting

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Today's podcast will cover the topic "SEO Copywriting vs SEO Content Writing - Is There a Difference?"

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Hi everyone, as to not waste your time let’s jump right into SEO Copywriting vs SEO Content Writing and is there a difference?

00:11 The difference between SEO copywriting and SEO content writing?

SEO copywriting and SEO content writing are two types of writing styles that have to be effectively combined to get good results. Let’s get into the difference and when to use them both effectively.

If you want to sell something online, then you should obviously use SEO copywriting to convert traffic into leads and sales. On the other hand, with SEO content writing, your primary goal is to generate organic traffic through search engines. Both SEO copywriting and SEO content writing can achieve these objectives, but in order to achieve the desired results you have to choose the right method for your project or a combination of the two.

Let's drill this down some more.

01:01 SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is intentional. It targets specific keywords and creates useful, valuable and compelling content that prompts readers to either buy a product, subscribe to a list or anything else that helps you create a sale.

01:23 SEO Content Writing

While for SEO content writing the main goal is increasing your organic traffic through search engines. This type of writing target specific keywords as well it focuses on an informal sort of relationship building with people by writing blog posts, eBooks, social media posts, even a podcast script or a video script and more.

01:52 How to Choose the Most Suitable Writers

Take a look within the on-page content to view both SEO content project types and SEO copywriters project types. Consider the immediate and end goals of your project and this will help you choose the most suitable writers available, like our Long Island digital marketing agency. We can provide content writers or copywriters that are best suited for achieving your marketing goals.

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