Facebook Launches 3 New Ways to Make More Money with Video Content

Facebook Launches 3 New Ways to Make More Money with Video Content

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Today's podcast discusses Facebook’s new strategies on how to make more revenue with video content.

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00:01 Role of Social Media in Marketing

Social media is a major part of our lives now as audience engagement with social networks have grown day by day. The rapid growth in popularity of these platforms has made businesses try everything they can to attract audiences through social media marketing.

Facebook aims at equipping content creators including video creators, media companies, cultural institutions, digipubs, businesses of all sizes and others with the tools and support they need to earn money and grow. Whether generating and sharing content is your primary business, Facebook wants you to build lively communities on its platform.

00:40 Facebook’s New Video Monetization Strategies

The latest efforts of Facebook were to launch 3 new ways for video monetization. They are: earn money from all types of videos, update in-stream ad eligibility to more content creators, and lastly, earn revenue from viewers.

Let's see each update in detail:

1:01 Earn money from all types of videos

Facebook continues to make it possible for content creators to monetize all video types – from live to short and long-form and testing sticker ads in Stories. Since the launch of in-stream ads, FB has expanded the format to include pre-, mid-, post-roll and image ads, and formats specific to live.

With this new update, video creators can now earn more revenue from videos as short as one minute long, which grants the option to run minimally interrupted ads at 30 seconds, with an ad shown no earlier than one minute. Previously, only 3-minute or longer videos could be monetized with in stream ads.

01:51 Update In-Stream Ad Eligibility To More Content Creators

Second up is: updating in-stream ad eligibility to more content creators

As the types of videos that can be monetized on Facebook expands, FB is updating its eligibility criteria to help more content creators to monetize their videos with in-stream ads, which are ads shown either before or during a video.

The platform now offers separate eligibility requirements for Pages interested in monetizing live streams, meaning, to join FB’s in-stream ad for video-on-demand program, Pages must now have 600,000 total minutes viewed from any combination of video uploads in the past 60 days. This can include on-demand videos, Live streams and recording of previous Live videos, whereas previous eligibility requirements only considered at least 3 minute on-demand videos.

There's a few more, so just go straight on to the content when you have a chance and read through.

03:00 Earn Revenue from Viewers

Last but not least: earn revenue from viewers:

Facebook is making it easier for content creators to earn more money directly from their viewers or fan support via free Stars giveaways. Similar to Twitch’s ‘Bits’, FB Stars is a form of digital currency that users buy with real money and send to creators to reward them for their content. When FB pages are eligible to run ads in live streams, they’ll also be able to earn revenue through Stars. Content creators can earn a share of the revenue from the Stars they receive during a stream.

With a focus on rewarding fan loyalty, FB Stars enhance the connection between content creators and their community of fans. For instance, over the past 6 months, people sent video and gaming creators an average of 1 billion Stars per month, which is equal to 10 million dollars per month.

04:02 Conclusion

In conclusion, as Facebook continues to roll out new strategies, making its platform more desirable while giving tons of benefits to creators, they will continue to improve on ways to enhance your content to your return and new viewers.