Google Maps Introduces Three New Features To Obtain User-Sourced Updates

Google Maps

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In today’s podcast, Dame Colquhoun, our Solutions Manager/ SEO Strategist, talks about the three new features added to Google Maps to obtain user sourced updates.

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Google Maps: Three New Features Added To Obtain User-Sourced Updates

Google recently rolled out three new features that would help make sharing and finding local recommendations and information easier.

00:17 Introduction to Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most popular services offered by the tech giant that makes your business easier to find. It comes with many features to help users find a location or reach their destination. With all the changes the world has witnessed over the past year, people are relying more than ever on Maps for high-quality, updated information about the places around them — such as if a nearby restaurant is open or if a local grocery store has updated hours and so on.

00:49 Google Map’s three new features

The new Google Map features are: Photo updates on Maps, second is draw, rename missing roads on Maps and lastly, Google Maps Community Challenge.

The features were introduced by the tech-giant so that users can contribute helpful content - about places and roads - for others. The company wants to make it easier for anyone with a Google account to contribute their local knowledge about more than 200 million places in Google Maps.

 01:21 Photo Updates on Maps

The first feature Photo Updates on Maps. Google is going to roll out a content type in Maps, called a photo update which is a recent snapshot of a place with a short text description. As photos are a great way to learn more about a place, this new feature is an easy way to find and share experiences and highlights with recent photos, without being required to leave a review.

When you can, check the content to know how to add photos.

 01:55 Draw, Rename Missing Roads on Maps 

The next option or next feature is draw, rename missing roads on maps. This new feature introduces a new, immersive desktop road editing tool that helps users to report road changes such as adding missing roads by drawing lines, quickly renaming roads, changing road directionality, and realigning or deleting incorrect roads. At present, if a user tries to add a missing road, only a pin can be dropped where the road should be and type in the road’s name to submit that information to Google.

Check the content out to see how to report road changes.

 02:43 Google Maps Community Challenge

The last feature is Google Maps Community Challenge. Though people are already proclaiming love and support for local businesses in Google Search and Maps by leaving photos, writing reviews or updating accurate information like a store’s updated hours, Google wants to amplify the same with a feature called community challenge. Google is testing this feature to encourage users to contribute more reviews, photos, and updates on Maps. The company reports that most people using Android in the U.S. can join their first nationwide challenge to gather helpful reviews, photos and updates by the next month as well.

Read the onsite content to know how to join the “Local Love Challenge”.

However, at the heart of the fresh and helpful information about a place users see on Google Maps, Local Guides are at the center of it all. Since Google launched the Local Guides program six years ago, this community of contributors has now reached a new milestone: 150 million Local Guides around the world by contributing more than 70% of the reviews, photos and other types of user-generated content on Maps.

4:04 Conclusion

In conclusion, as the world slowly recovers from the pandemic, local information coupled with Google Maps is important now more than ever. Digital marketers can – and should – be using Google Maps marketing as part of their wider digital marketing strategies as it can be very useful for any business’s visibility.