Google Rolls Out “June 2021 Core Update”

Google Rolls Out “June 2021 Core Update”

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Today's podcast by Dame Colquhoun, Solutions Manager/ SEO Strategist at Long Island MedResponsive will cover the latest Google’s broad core algorithm update: June 2021 Core Update.

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Why is Google Rolling Out Two Different Core Updates One Month After The Next? Because some of the company’s planned improvements for the June 2021 update were just not fully ready to be released last month. There are many SEOs wondering if this is the same the Page Experience Update that was about to release in mid-June.

The answer is No. The June 2021 Core update is not related to the Page Experience Update or any other core web vitals update - which is slated for mid-June.

00:38 What to Expect with the June 2021 Core Update?

With all core updates involving broad improvements to Google Search - substantial changes are made to Google’s ranking processes, which targets search overall instead of targeting specific categories of websites.  So as with any Google algorithm update, your ranking may go up, go down or remain stable with the June 2021 core update.

So during, before or after, how can you whether this major ranking's failure storm.

Here are some top categories that would be affected, according to SEMRUSH. Being one of the first tools to pick up on these changes, here are the categories that felt the most change:

  • Health
  • Auto
  • Pets
  • Animals
  • Science, and
  • Travel

Lastly, both desktop and search results saw changes similar to each other in terms of volatility.

01:41 How to Cover Yourself from the Major Rankings Failure Storm?

Now let's get to the nitty-gritty of how you can basically weather the major rankings failure storm.

So the simplest way to help cover yourself can be done in 3 parts:

  • Target the pages with the best results from Google Search Console and make a list from that, so that's the first part.
  • The second part would be once you've gathered your list, you go ahead and look at the keywords that have been negatively affected and create a list for that.

So, so far you have two lists, first list would be searching on Google Search Console and then making the list of all your top pages. Then the second list would be to go ahead and look at all the keywords that are being negatively affected – what’s the update that you're going through, or you're planning for the update, or you experienced the update and you want to know what to do.

  • So, the last is to find pages that have your negative keyword as the main topic or is the keyword on the page has a heading, it’s a permalink option or simply used as an alt text in an image.

So this part is basically anywhere on the page that you can find the keyword being used, we're going to use that page. So that's the last list that you want to find, you want to find pages that have your negative keywords and is anywhere on the page.

So now look at the list for the keywords that are or have been negatively affected. Compare it to the list holding your top pages and any of the top pages related to the keywords being negatively affected. If you find any of those, you go ahead and look at the list holding pages that have your negatively affected keywords on it. Update any of those pages with an interlink to a page from the list that has your top pages. Alright?

So it may sound a little confusing, just go ahead and just you know, rewind and then just play it again to understand, okay, the different lists and what you're gonna be using each list for. Then some of your interlinkings for the top pages to the keywords that are failing and using those pages that have the failing keywords on it to interlink to your top pages. Some of your interlinking should be basically defending keyword, a relatable word that’s close to the failing keyword or something simple as ‘learn more’ or ‘click here’.

04:40 Conclusion

In conclusion, overall the core updates changes will likely not be felt until the next core update. Therefore, instead of reacting to any changes from this month’s update, use the 3 part strategy to help you and focus on making your website the best it can be before the July core update. So do whatever you it is that you usually would do in order to make sure that your site doesn't tank and also use 3 part strategy because that strategy is very generic but at the same time it's something that most people probably won't go ahead and use right out the gate. These are free tools that are offered to you and is the best way to help give yourself the opportunity to quickly jump on top of what is working and how it can help anything that's not working.

All right!