YouTube Trending – Exposing the Common Misconceptions

YouTube Trending – Exposing the Common Misconceptions

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In today’s podcast, Dame Colquhoun, our Solutions Manager/ SEO Strategist discusses some common misconceptions busted about YouTube Trending tab.

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Getting a video featured in the YouTube Trending section is a big deal. Have you ever thought, what does it take for a video to trend on YouTube? Is it the quality of content? Does the reputation of the content creator matter? Do such creators get preferential treatment?

Let’s cover 3 common misconceptions that the video-sharing platform giant has debunked.

Misconception 1: Trending tab is exclusive for high profile creators or late-night talk shows.

Some YouTube users think that trending videos are exclusive to big creators, which is understandable because a lot of trending videos are by creators who are well-known. However, this is a misconception because YouTube ensures that at least 50% of Trending videos are from homegrown creators. It even has separate sections for ‘artist on the rise’ and ‘creator on the rise’ that showcases small channels for an entire day, which gives upcoming creators a chance to grow their base and gain exposure.

So, basically with this first misconception, it gives you an idea, just by the backend analytics, to see that you as a beginner or even if you are a video creator new to YouTube, it doesn’t really matter. Just use your expertise, use your creativity and you’ll be fine.

Misconception 2: You need contacts on YouTube to appear on the Trending tab.

Another common misconception is that you need to know someone or pay someone at YouTube if you want to enter the Trending tab. This is not true, as the company doesn’t accept payment for the same. What it does is consider certain factors such as performance, number of views, source of the views, and how quickly the video is garnering views. As expected, the company filters out videos that go against its community standards such as those with excessive violence, profanity, and mature content to ensure that videos on Trending are safe to watch by a larger audience.

So, in this misconception, YouTube basically covers its back by making sure that everyone has the opportunity to be able to take use of YouTube and gain benefit from it, rather than you’ve been able to game the system by paying someone or of course, if you already understand the backlinks, you’re just purchasing a ton of backlinks to that side, no matter you know, if it is white hat strategy or black hat strategy, and also the backlinks are spammy, it doesn’t matter, you’re just flooding backlinks. Those things, of course, are things that they frown upon, so of course copyrighting, also comes involved with that

Misconception 3: When You Post Matters

It’s natural to assume that posting timings matter for YouTube as it does for other social media platforms. However, YouTube updates the list of its Trending videos every 15 minutes, giving creators a fair chance to appear. Of course, it makes sense to publish videos when your audience is most likely to be on YouTube but it’s not a deciding factor for the Trending tab. So just using your common sense, whenever you’re posting, of course if say we’re running a campaign and we check for what the best posting times are, that’s definitely not the last thing that we need to focus on.

We need to go into how do we do outreach to find others that are like minded based on the video that we are pushing. Is there a giveaway that we can give those that visit the content and do stuff like that help us to give more viewership for people to stay on the video for long so on and so forth. So that misconception idea in terms of posting at the correct times will solve everything is definitely not true. It doesn't really it matters when you post, but it's not the end of the all. You still need to do outreach you still need to be creative in coming up with different ways to make sure that you get high viewership as well as people stay long on your videos

If you’re a YouTube content creator eager to make it to the Trending tab, here are some bullet points of things that you should pay attention to.

  • avoid using clickbait titles and descriptions as well as all caps
  • learn good video editing techniques
  • interact with your viewers through comments and
  • keep track of the ‘Reach’ tab in Analytics to know where your views are coming from

So, the first one avoid using clickbait titles, it’s part of the best advice to just go to Google Keyword Planner and just look up the type of keywords that you’re planning on using and see if those keywords are really getting good traction. Pay attention to the cost per click section, because that will pretty much like you know automatically if people on Google are spending money in order for people to find them, which means it’s a buying keyword and people are willing to buy once you type in that specific keyword, so use that.

Learn good video editing techniques. In this section, of course, you can learn it, there’s thousands of other ways. You could pay some money on Fiverr, you can also go to Upwork, you can do what else is there, just go on Google and just search services online and just go to the first three on that you like and then just pick from there and have them do it. But again, Fiverr and Upwork are usually your best bet, because you can get outsourced work from different countries for much, much cheaper.

Interact with your viewers through comments. Of course, this section here will definitely help you out, because when people see that you’re engaging back with them or speaking back to them, you know, it boosts their confidence sometimes, it also lets you let them know that you’re actually a real person, you know simple things like that.

And keep track of ‘Reach’ tab in Analytics. Of course, this is basically self-explanatory. Just go in the back end and check out the Reach tab and see what’s going on, see where your views are coming from and then kind of focus maybe your campaign around those countries, maybe even, again, if you have a website that you want to do the SEO section, if you use that section to target those countries also to find out what type of content in those countries within your topic is being spoken online, just target those. That’s it. Be sure to post your questions so that one of us here at Long Island MedResponsive can get back to you.