Responsive Web Design & Development

Want your website to get into the minds and thought processes of your target audience? Then it should do its best in all devices - load well and fast, and provide a great user experience.

As a Long Island SEO and web design company with long-term experience in the industry, MedResponsive can help organizations attain their SEO goals. Responsive web design and development is an integral part of its services.

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A Responsive Website Delivers ROI, and Lots of It!

This is the age of multi-device browsing. Desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets are all in. These just happen to be devices with completely different screen sizes and resolutions. You just can’t design a website for the smartphone and expect it to load well on a laptop that has a totally different screen size.

You don't want:

  • Your website images to be skewed
  • Your readers to keep scrolling endlessly to get what they want
  • Your readers to say "Forget It" and move on

You need responsive web development.

Avoid the collage of clutter!

How We Work - The Process

We believe in offering our web design services in an effortless and user-friendly manner for our clients. We begin by understanding the needs of our client, discussing the plan, and then executing it.

Web Design Process


This is where our relationship begins with the client:

  • We meet with the client, go over their existing website or understand what the client’s idea of the website is.
  • We understand their thoughts, scope and requirements.
  • We figure out their business, so we can translate their business idea to a website.
  • We then come up with a plan and interact with the client to confirm that we are both on the same page in terms of the plan.
  • We clarify any questions the client has, or we have.


We will provide multiple design concepts at the onset of the project. This is where we shape the idea to reality. A visual concept of the plan starts to take shape while the backend development takes place. All website designs are built with multiple browsers and devices in mind. Basically it will be a responsive website design.


We will then provide a proposal outlining the scope of the project, milestones, pricing and so on.The proposal will examine usage of the content management system, ecommerce platforms or any other interfaces as well as back end applications. Any changes suggested by the client are discussed and implemented. Once the client has approved the proposal, we move to the next phase.


Once the website is complete it gets QA'd. We carry out a complete review and test, including speed, before deployment.The website will then be presented to the client for approval. Once approved, the website is deployed. All websites will have Google analytics and sitemaps included as part of the project. Our goal is to take your concept to reality keeping the latest and greatest technology in mind.

Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your Site Dramatically

Responsive web design ensures a user-friendly and efficient performance from your website with all the elements involved. It's just that the content, images and grid are fluidic to adjust to the different screen resolutions.

Optimizing for Smarter Search Engines

Search Engines Are Smart. Get Smarter!

Search engines are concerned about user intent. You need content that serves your target audience's search intent, for your website to rank well. Potential customers of your business have a specific intent when they search for relevant stuff. Your web pages must contain information in line with that intent. That's what we figure out for you at MedResponsive. And we design your website according to the user requirements expected of a business like yours. A fully optimized web design is what we offer.

What Difference Does MedResponsive Make?

  • For starters, we are based on Long Island and cover the entire NYC region.
  • The web design solutions we incorporate are specifically tailored to the unique needs of businesses.
  • Our services can really help you maintain great search engine rankings along with an amazing click through rate (CTR), all of which translates to a greater possibility of conversions.

Here's what you can expect as part of our responsive web design and development:

  • Tile design that's user-friendly
  • Flexible navigation based on browser width
  • Flexible columns
  • Click-to-call interface
  • Prominent call to action
  • Ensuring your brand feel is maintained in all sizes
  • Maintaining white spacing on the different screen sizes to avoid cluttering
  • Social network integration
  • Keeping your business location addresses easily accessible
  • Google Maps integration

It's Always Innovation at Our Long Island, NY Center

We add the above-mentioned innovative bits based on the requirements of your industry and business, and we also modify them when necessary. Our experienced web designers and content creators give your website the professionalism it requires.

Efficiency, User-friendliness, Relevance

Expect these and more with responsive web design and development from one of the foremost web design companies in Long Island, MedResponsive.

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