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    SEO Copywriting

    Let us help develop the ideal content strategy for your online channels!

    To inform and entertain your target audience, and to drive customers to your website, landing page, eBook or any other online medium, you need unique content. You also need visibility for this content on the web, which requires SEO copywriting. It’s all about writing web copies that rivet the attention of your prospective customers and also appeal to search engines. Long Island MedResponsive, a dedicated SEO and web design company can provide you efficient SEO copywriting services focused on conversion.

    We’ll ensure that your voice is clearly heard online, making it easy for people to find you.

    What is SEO Copywriting?

    It is a specific form of writing for online mediums that is designed to bring you tangible results. SEO writing involves the right use of the right keywords or key phrases (the words your target user is most likely to use when searching for your products or services) in your content. And yes, this requires a professional touch. The keywords must blend naturally with the content and the reader must find the content natural and appealing. SEO copywriting also involves appropriate use of these keywords in your headers, meta tags, page titles, and meta description so that Google and other search engines clearly understand what your page is all about and index it properly.

    Better Content, Better Results!

    Our SEO copywriting helps

    • Improve your organic search visibility
    • Drive traffic to your website
    • Connect and engage with your target audience
    • Convert your website visitors into actual clients
    • Enhance your brand
    • Establish your company as THE authority in your industry
    • Satisfy the evolving demands of search engine algorithms

    Content for the Long-term

    Don’t worry about Google’s frequent algorithmic tweaks or that your content will become obsolete! The SEO content we develop is for the long-term.

    Whatever may be your requirement, we will learn about your business, your target market, follow your guidelines, give and take advice, and provide you quality content that meets and exceeds your expectations.

    Long Island MedResponsive works with local New York businesses — big and small. We cater to a multitude of industries and are well-equipped to meet diverse content writing demands.

    Over the years, we have successfully provided content writing services to a varied clientele in areas such as apparel/fashion, health & fitness, information technology, legal services, real estate, travel & tourism and so on.

    We Provide SEO Copywriting Services for:

    • Blogs
    • Ecommerce Copywriting
    • Email Campaigns & Newsletters
    • Social Media
    • Press Releases
    • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
    • Landing Pages
    • Articles & Whitepapers
    • Medical Marketing
    • Legal Marketing
    • B2B Copywriting
    • Case Studies

    We work with both partner agencies and private clients, offering an exceptional customer experience that focuses completely on your business needs.

    Get a Content Strategy Consultation! Just Call (631) 494-3324!

    SEO Copywriting Process at Long Island MedResponsive

    Our process includes four stages:

    Search Engine Copywriting: The Long Island MedResponsive Advantage

    At Long Island MedResponsive, we’ll show you how best practices in SEO copywriting can help you gain more traffic, better rankings and an increased response rate.

    Fewer, Sensible Words for Brevity

    Readers expects you to give them the information they need in as few words as you possibly can, they don’t want lengthy content. We articulate information in a concise and focused manner.

    Targeted Key Phrases

    Our specialized SEO copywriting provides key phrases — words your target reader types into a search box to find the information he/she wants.

    Content is Tailor-made

    We offer tailor-made content to meet your specific needs. For that we work with you extensively to learn about your business and targeted audience.

    Eye-catching Titles

    Our SEO copywriters can write titles that grab the attention of even the most jaded reader.

    100% Result-oriented

    Our SEO copywriting services are entirely focused on boosting your website’s ranking on the search engines, attracting significant traffic, generating leads, and most importantly, making your customers buy!

    Diverse Content Types

    We can create any type of content you need, from blogs, articles and web pages, to online marketing materials. We welcome your own ideas and suggestions so that we can make the content more personalized.

    Before we start, here are some important aspects we consider

    • Who is your ideal customer?
      We help in identifying your customers, their interests, problems and figure out what they want.
    • What makes your product or service unique?
      We use that unique offer you have to attract the target audience.
    • How do your services assist your customers?
      We help detect specific problems your services/products can solve.
    • What problems could your customers face on using your product?
      We find out any issues your customers may face while using your products
    • How should users engage with your website?
      We have a plan – they should purchase items, read your blog or schedule a consultation.
    • What writing style appeals best to your target audience?
      We understand your customers’ intent and interest, and provide content that appeals to them.

    For your content to be search engine- and user-friendly, and stay relevant and valuable, it requires constant updating and new content creation. LIMR content writers and strategists stay up-to-date with the constantly changing SEO best practices. We strive to make sure that your SEO copy is always ahead of the curve. We also perform multiple rounds of quality checking to ensure accuracy and quality.

    Let our skilled team of SEO marketers, copywriters and content strategists give your business a makeover. Invest in dedicated SEO copywriting services, and watch your brand grow.

    Any questions for our team?


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