Different Ways to Increase Online Visibility with Twitter


Keyword research, link building, quality content etc are some of the factors that are major considerations when it comes to the search engine ranking of websites. Apart from these factors, social media optimization is also crucial for improving the visibility on search engines. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and so on allow businesses to engage with their potential customers. The greater the number of followers, the more influence you have in the industry and the chances of getting more leads and customers are also high. So, implementing a good social media strategy with the help of a New York SEO company can increase your online visibility as well as drive more prospective buyers to your website.

Boost Your Search Presence with Twitter

According to Twitter (2019), they have 330 million monthly active users and it is one of the leading social media channels. This is also one of the best channels for marketing. It connects its users to the rest of the world and lets them know about the real time trends. It also helps businesses share company updates and industry news, and engage with their customers. Above all, relevant tweets appear on Google search results page. This means that your brand’s tweets could show up in top search results and thus give your business a chance to boost its visibility. Therefore, businesses are investing hugely in Twitter to reach out to a larger number of people.

Let us consider some tips to improve search presence with Twitter.

  • Optimize your Brand Identity: Deciding on an apt and creative Twitter handle or user’s name or your brand name can be difficult. There may also be other accounts that use your brand name. But that is not an issue, you can still use your display name to represent your brand. Display name should be your brand name so that while indexing Twitter profiles, Google can read your display name and user name as title tags. Create your Twitter bio with relevant keywords, hashtags and link it to your website. Make sure to write your bio section carefully because it is indexed as the meta description of your Twitter profile.

    optimize your brand identity

    • Optimize your Twitter Carousel: There are several tactics you can implement to optimize your Twitter carousel.
    • Consider Popular and Trendy Topics for Discussion: Grab the attention of your targeted audience by discussing trendy and latest topics. This will show how relevant you are in your field.
    • Use Popular Hashtags: Using the right hashtags is one of the most important tactics to leverage your Twitter account. It increases the chances to display your tweets in the search results.
    • Explain your Brand Message: To avoid confusion among your target audience, ensure clarity in your tweets. Use target keywords that help to grab the attention of your potential buyers. This will also give them a clear understanding about your brand.
    • Encourage other Accounts to Mention your Account: Interact with other relevant Twitter accounts and tag them in tweets to increase your search presence. Find out key leaders, influencers of your industry, and engage with them regularly on Twitter.
    • Provide Content that your Target Audience Likes: Make sure to share content that is relevant to your audience. Consider all the challenges, key responsibilities and what is happening in the industry.
    • Ask Team Members or Employees to Share Content: Encourage your team members to promote your content in order to increase the brand’s search visibility. You can also repurpose your evergreen content by re-sharing once a month or year.
  • Be Active on Twitter: As mentioned earlier, tweets are displayed on Google’s search results page. But remember that the tweet will not appear in the search results if it was published 17 hours back. However, the tweets must be relevant and valuable and do not tweet just for the sake of it. Tweeting regularly is not enough, engaging with your followers is also important. This will help you establish a large audience and popularize your brand.

    be active on twitter

  • Optimize your Social Media Bio: Optimizing your Twitter bio with accurate description of your brand is important so that your online users are informed about your business and it also creates a good impression on your users.

Brand awareness is an important factor in business growth. People will buy from brands they know and trust and Twitter visibility can be a great tool in search engine optimization. Using Twitter to promote your business does not mean that you should leave other social platforms. Using Twitter along with other social platforms will add value. So, businesses could consider investing in strong social media marketing strategies with the help of a New York SEO company.